Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tech-mology - huh?

So I have been wanting to write all sorts of things, lots of new adventures have sprung up in Alaska that I want to write about, but my computer is currently taking a sabbatical for some unknown reason. So until I can get it up and running again, no stories. But to tickle your fancy, for the 3 of you who read my blogs; I got punched in the face outside a bar(very good story....okay not really, but arent you interested!?!) It is so freakin COLD here already!!! And not just the "oh its chilly out" But the "I'm shaking uncontrollably and cant stop because my body is frozen and even my eyes are frozen." Yeah, that cold. But I am still not ready to come home yet. I am on my roommate's computer so I dont want to take up too much time, By the way, she is the one who punched me. (arent you so intrigued to hear the story now!?) So enjoy your days and pray that my computer is fixable with no or little involvement of money! Love ya!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Srvng pepl hu dnt speec inglesh

Yes you heard me. How frustrating is it to serve people who dont speak english, you ask me? Its Very Frustrating!! The last few days we have had this huge group of like 200 chinese people staying at the hotel. Well, I have been serving in the morning when we have the buffet and there tour group provides the guests with vouchers so they can come and eat off the buffet. Well serving the buffet is easy, all you have to do is give them water, coffee, or tea and then clear their plates, they take care of the rest. Well unless they are chinese! Dont get me wrong I am not racist, I have half asian friends....okay bad joke, but I am not racist. Anyway, So I ask them for there vouchers and after the first few tables of using nothing but the words "vouchers" and "paper" and numerous hand motions to show the size of the paper. I got smart and just showed them an actual voucher which they all understood and nodded "oohhh, yes, boucher" and yes I meant to put boucher. So there was that hurdle. Unless of course they forgot it and instead told me their room number so that what......I could go get it from their room? I dont know, but I just didnt charge them for that one, So help me the hotel can fire me because one little chinese lady forgot to bring her voucher. 
So next I get them all water and ask them if they want coffee and some of them cant even understand what I am asking so they just smile and nod which I think is a yes, but then I go to pour and they say "NO NO NO." Make up your minds. 
Then I get this table of what I thought was six, thats a big table, well then some others want to join them so then it was like 8. Well the table they were sitting at was barely big enough for 6. So while they were all at the buffet I am trying like mad to organize the table so 8 can fit, snugly, but it works. So as a stand back and admire my organizing skills the first 3 come back and start talking to me in chinese like I know what they are asking. I am sure the look on my face told them that I had no idea, so they start pointing to the booth across from the table I had just so neatly prepared. They kept saying "three, three" pointing to the booth. After I got that those three wanted to move to the booth, though slightly irritated, I moved them over, less of a hassle for the big table. Now 5 could eat at the table originally for 6 and three could eat comfortably at the booth. *Sigh* well then the other 5 come back with like 3 plates each and on each plate is like a grape or a piece of pineapple(not really, but they had these teeny portions on these huge plates.) As they are all trying to get settled, meanwhile yelling orders at one another, you could hear them across the restaurant. One of the older gentlemen get up and tris to sit at a different table!! Are you kidding me?! So as I try to tell him that he needs to go back, he is talking to me in chinese and I am assuming he is trying to tell me he wants to sit here, in walks my favorite chinese person, Jackie Chan.....Just kidding, but it was one of their co-travelers who was fluent in both languages so he told me that the guy wanted to sit here because there was not enough room over there, But then he turned to chinese-table-jumper and and told him to go back to his table, well I am assuming told him because the guy went back to his seat. I thanked 2 languages guy and went back to serving my chinese crew. The rest of the time they were there was a little more of the same, the lady would shout out nonsense words and raise and shake her hand any time she needed me, which was like every 5 minutes. It came to the point that I wouldnt even have to see her, I would just hear her nonsense words and I would go to the table. One time she had some ham or something hanging out of her mouth while she called me, I couldnt help but laugh, oh well, I dont think she could tell why I was laughing. After the third day of this, I just basically tried as little communication as possible and it seemed to work out best for both me and the chinese.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Its already starting to Snow! In the Mtns!!

Hello all! So today I saw a poster on one of the billboards that was advertising a contest coming up in a few weeks in Anchorage. The Annual Beard and Moustache contest. That is right. I was laughing so hard! Anyway, I thought if my family ever moves up here maybe my dad can enter, or maybe Josh......haha! JK Joshua! 
Anyway, I hope everyone had fun this past weekend. Everyone was either at the family reunion or camping. I was slightly nostalgic/homesick, but its okay. I have been working soooooo much lately! All the J-1's are leaving (those are all the foreigners that get visas to come work here for a few months. So they are leaving and everyone else has just decided to quit, so I have gotten tons of extra hours. Which is good. But since I have been working so much I finally had yesterday off so I did my laundry and watched CSI..........all day.......seriously. For like 8 hours. Yes its pathetic, but I validated it since I have been working so much.

Well, as for my future plans......I am actually not coming home till november. This is so I can spare my parents those few extra gray hairs and they can stop freaking out about me moving, but also it will give me more time to save money. So Ya, That kinda sucks because I was planning on seeing all you guys in September, but oh well. A few more months will be okay. That way I can come home for like 2 weeks. Well, Peace out!