Sunday, May 17, 2009

I dedicate Whitney Houston's song "I Will Always Love You" to Alaska

So being home has been good. I really am moving forward in my life and trying to better myself, but there is a part of me that is severely nostalgic for Alaska. I have been home almost 3 months now and every now and then I catch myself daydreaming about going back. Now to explain why, I will give you a few reasons why I miss it.

1) There is no fashion police/standard in Girdwood. You literally can wear whatever you want and no one is going to say/think anything about it.
2) My lack of a stress level. Ya, work would get busy and I would feel stressed, but the majority of the time I didnt feel it. It was a very easy going feeling living there. Now being home there is more to do and deal with and with that comes lots of stress.
3) The beauty!!! Even the weeds are pretty there!! Literally, there is a tall plant called Fireweed and it is a bunch of pretty little purple flowers. Everywhere you look there would be a picturesque view. You are constantly reminded that someone mightier made all of this happen and not just some big bang. I truly think that God took his time with Alaska, making every detail beautiful. Being there brought a lot of peace.
4) The lack of people. I realized now being back that I like people, but not living around a million of them. Cities are too crowded, traffic is awful, people are pushy which results in the increasing of Reason #2.
5) My resourcefulness (dont think thats a word, but whatevs). I basically lived out of 2 suitcases for over 10 months. Now that is a big deal coming from the girl who from the second I had a job at 16 was buying things I wanted just because I could. Things just werent as available there, now being home, there is a Wal-mart on every corner. Its crazy how fast I fell out of being able to live on nothing.
6) The Sushi!!! Oh my gosh, I fell in LOVE with sushi there! I havent had any since I have been back, not for want of trying though, I just cant get anyone to go with me. Though I dont think it will be quite as good as it is there!
7) Just the overall feeling of the environment. There is no need to live up to any standards, no need to have the biggest best house on the block because everyone knows in the winter the whole thing is going to be emersed in snow. The population is joyful about life, though some of those individuals may have been joyfully influenced with drugs or alcohol, but nevertheless, people are happy there. :) Most everyone there is out being active even in the coldest weather.
8) The wildlife, even though I had my encounter with the moose, it still was an amazing experience. Seeing bears so close up and even the squirrels and birds were fun to see. Just being so close with nature all the time really brings out the best in people I think. My favorite though (even though they were not wild) was seeing the sled dogs in action. There are literally no words to explain how awesome I think that is.
9) Most of all out of everything, I miss my friends and the people there. My heart literally hurts when I think that I may never see some of them again. There are a certain few that I miss more than others, like Jake and Julie and Norah the dog. They took care of me, made me food and let me play with their dog which was AWESOME! They are great people who I admire dearly. Norah is crazy, but she loved me unconditionally, unless of course I got between her and food :). Also, Karin and her dog Bibs. Karin was my best friend there besides Norah and Bibs. She was the dearest, funniest, most honest person I have ever met. We would take the dogs on walks and talk for hours. Oh I miss her dearly! And not to mention, Bibs, he is such a loving, sweet dog who would do anything for food and his orange soccer ball. Me, Bibs and Norah were and always will be BFF's. Yes I just admitted to having 2 dogs as best friends, would you expect anything else? :) Another family, the Pearson's - Sean, Emily, and Nikki. Wow, what an incredible family! They were fun and honest and made me food. I miss their company so much! I felt like I had been friends with them forever, they are so wonderful! Also, Nicole my roommate and friend for most the time I was there. She was crazy and had her faults, she punched me in the face and broke one of our windows while she was blacked out drunk, but she had such a good heart and truly cared about those close to her. She constantly entertained me and made me laugh. She was honest and really looked out for me and made sure "no one tried to mess with her Mormon roommate, or she would beat them up!" And I am sure they believed her. We spent lots of hours talking and analyzing life and we both came from 2 extremely different backgrounds but still we were searching for the same things in life. Love and Happiness. Oh my goodness I could go on and on about all the people I came in contact with; John aka Angry Man, Glaze, Courtney, Chantell, Maribel, The whole Cardenas family, Debbi, Diane, Pres. Bell and his family, Dani, Jamie, Mike, my nutty boss Linda, Damon, the crazy foreigner kids from Poland and Russia, Tyson, Austin, Alex, Kory, and the list goes on forever and I could write a paragraph or more about them, but it boils down to this, I met the most honest, true people there and I will always treasure and miss them! Yes, even maybe Paula, but just a little. :)