Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Haters... What are they good for?

You guessed it, absolutely nothin. I realize my last post was a little angst ridden and bitter and after some self reflection, I realize, really, my situation isn't that bad. So I move on now with a more uplifting topic of the wide variety of Haters.
Now I know there are some things that just drive me crazy and I can't stand like... The Bachelor, Gretchen Wilson, and people who drive slow in the fast lane, but it doesn't matter how much I dislike them, I would never go to say, a Gretchen Wilson Fan Forum just to throw rude comments around or make fun of people who like her. Thats not my style. Rather I write about how much I hate them in blog form. 
What I am trying to get at here is why is it that some people feel the need to be so hateful against one subject that they make it their mission to tell as many people or shove on as many forums as they can just how ridiculous "said" subject is? I don't get it. I get hating things. But why be so antagonistic? 
Specifically I see this come out around election time because so many people think that there is only one right person who has THE right answer and so any one who thinks differently or is choosing a different candidate is ignorant and stupid. I just don't get it. And I don't know if there is a solid answer. 
(Yes, the picture is a little dramatic, but it gets the point across.)
Its as complex as politics and human emotions, its as simple as preferences in soda and what kind of movies you like to watch. We saw it with the Civil Rights movement, we see it now with Gay Rights. I see it on facebook, I see it on blogs, I see it on the news. People who instigate this hatred, only breed more of it. Think about it, if someone comes at you with a condescending remark about something you love, or even like for that matter, you instantly get defensive, which immediately takes both parties off an even discussion board. Neither of you will be able to tell the other which is the right or wrong answer, because you both think you have the right answer. 
I really don't have much of a point with this post, just more of a hope that even though we all love different things, can't we all just get along? And maybe, just maybe, that person who sees something else as important or of worth, is just a cool as us, they just choose to like something different. 


Rai said...

There's one important thing to always remember...


Rebeccaa. said...

wow , you wrote this very well !


The computer Master said...

I agree with you (with the exception of Gay rights, the bible even says that those people will not gain entry into the kingdom of God). However, it's right that we shouldn't be hating... If you have a point to make then make it and I'll make mine but there is not point in hating!