Friday, December 19, 2008

My Moose Encounter!

So to catch everyone up to speed, I am house/dog sitting for the next 3 weeks for Jake and Julie Atkinson while they are basking in the Mexican sun. I am watching Nora their little 8 or 9ish month old Visla. She is a sweetheart, but definitely a handful! Well, my friend Karin has an 8 month old Bulldog named Bibs and him and Nora are friends, so the other day we decided to let them play together.
Well, while the dogs were outside going to the bathroom I heard Nora start barking like crazy and Bibs came running to the door, so I was in the process of getting my boots on to go get Nora, Karin yelled that there was a moose! I instantly panicked and ran around the back of the house because that is where they were. Well, to let you know, there was just a barely beaten path in the knee deep snow that I was trudging through to make my way around the house. I was calling and calling Nora, but she just kept barking. Meanwhile, the moose, trying just to ignore the frantically yelling chubby lady and the persistent barking of the little dog, was chewing on a tree twig, seeming mildly amused, but also irritated. Its like when you are just trying to mind your own business at a restaurant and eat your food, but at the next table the little kid is throwing his food at you and blabbering while the mother and father are repeatedly trying to get the kid to stop.
At this point I realized 2 things: A) I needed to get Nora away from this moose, and B) I needed to get out of the little walkway pretending to be a path, otherwise if that moose started chasing Nora, she would head right past me and I would not be about to trudge fast enough. Its like that saying, "If you are ever being chased by a bear, you only have to run faster than the person next to you." Well, I am that person who cant run fast standing next to Nora. So, After what felt like forever, but in reality was only like 4 seconds, I realized that I needed to just get out of the way of danger. So I went back around the front of the house (still calling Nora, keep in mind). Just as I came around the corner, not a second later did I see a little flash of reddish/orange fly out from around the house and down the driveway, which I assumed to be Nora, and a thundering running right behind her. As the moose rounded the corner his antlers hit the side of the house and he followed Nora to the end of the driveway. It was about here, that my life flashed before my eyes. It was a decent life, probably coulda been better. But anyway, from the pictures you can see that he basically covers most of the driveway because of the snow drifts, so Nora continued to bark but now the moose was between us. So amid Karin's and my nervous awkward laughing, and our continued calls to Nora, we even were trying to bribe her with salmon, the ultimate bribe, she was still standing off with Herman; that's what I named the moose. Finally Nora took a break for it running right along the snow drift, just within inches of his foot trying to stomp her, that is when Nora's life flashed before my eyes. YET, that still didn't deter her from barking and antagonizing the moose. Every time I would come down the stairs to grab her she would run down to the landing, if I went down to the landing, she went off it. All the while I am sure the moose was having a good laugh to himself watching our little "dance number". I think finally he got bored with us, so he decided to charge us once again sending Nora straight up the stairs leaving the fat friend at the bottom to be trampled. So I hurried up the stairs and right before I ran into the house I took a look back and saw Herman at the bottom of the landing letting out one last snort.
Karin and I proceeded to have the moment everyone has after experiencing something life threatening/adrenaline pumping and narrowly escaping. We leaned against the back of the door and laughed and rehashed the whole thing while trying to catch our breath, while the dogs ran around all excited, ready to do the whole thing all over again! Well now that the dogs lives were safe, I wanted to do a bit of nature watching, this was my first close experience with a moose in Alaska for heavens sake! I grabbed my camera and went back out to get Herman's portrait. So for a few minutes we just watched him, and finally he went to the back of the house to finish eating his twigs. And believe me, these pictures do not do him justice. He was so tall and big and he smelled awful.
Well, since then, I have been on moose watch. Every dark shadow or every movement makes me think that a moose is lurking somewhere near and it terrifies me! Especially when I am walking to and from work and I see big ol moose prints in the path because it is usually in the dark.
So, in retrospect, definitely the scariest thing that has happened to me so far, but close to the coolest. And it is also something that I do not want to happen anytime soon, or ever again.

Karin, Nora and Bibs playing

We caught them kissing and Nora was so embarrased!
Herman running back to his yummy twigs.
He was so massive!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love good hair days!

You know those days where your hair just does everything you want it to? Ah, I love those days and they dont happen very often. Ya thats pretty much it for today. YAY good hair days!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tirade Soap Box Time!

            *Alright, here it is. It is time I put my voice out there. Okay well its just on my blog and only my friends and family are really gonna be reading this, but still its time I stand up and tell ya'll what I believe. Here is my take on Gays and Lesbians with a splash of humanity and yes it probably will be politically incorrect. 
          I do not agree with the Gay/Lesbian way of life. Simple as that. Not just because I was raised Mormon, but because I do not think it is right. I was reading about some of the things that have gone on in California with the past election and Proposition "Hate" as some people are calling it. This was the proposition to eliminate gay/lesbian marriage in the State of California. I am so disturbed and quite frankly pissed off, America, look just how far we have come. We have elected an African American President. Whether or not you agree with Barack Obama, this really was an amazing step for America; a little less than a hundred and fifty years ago was the end of slavery. So all you Californian gays and lesbians (not exclusively, but you are the ones causing terror in California) got pissed because they used their rights as Americans to vote on what they wanted in their country. Well guess what, I am pretty sure you have those same rights too and you used them, voted and lost. So suck it up. Ya you have made a choice in how you want to live, but face it, some people just dont agree. Try being Mormon. We deal with persecution as well. People have called us crazy and insane, brainwashed, deluded, and all sorts of interesting things. Try being Jewish, fat, black, Mexican, Arabic, wearing glasses, being poor, driving a piece of crap car and yes, even being gay I know you suffer persecution. Ya it sucks to not get what you want or not be what you want to be, but dont go around blaming a certain sect of religion just because they disagree with you. Because last time I checked the results of Proposition 8 were 52.3% to 47.7% and I can guarantee you that 52.3% of Californians are not Mormon. So quit blaming us. 
       Now, that aside, does that mean that I am not going to be your friend? No, not one bit. I have a few gay/lesbian friends. Does that mean that I am going to make fun of you and be rude to you just because you are different? No, I might be mean to you if you are being mean to me, but not because you like to get it on with the same sex. I just think thats gross. I love Ellen Degeneres, I think she is extremely funny and an incredibly honest person. I am am not going to discriminate and not watch her show just because she chooses to be a lesbian. Elton John, I am not a huge fan of his music, but he has contributed lots of money to many many charities and organizations. Something that I have learned is that there are good people all over this world. We are all just so worried about going out of our comfort zones and accepting that someone might think differently than us. Just take the time to get to know the person for who they really are. That is one thing that has always bothered me; when I tell someone that I am Mormon, if they disagree, they try so hard to dissuade me and prove all these facts to me that Joseph Smith was a fraud and that we are too strict, well guess what? I have heard that all before, but that still doesnt change my mind. I dont try and shove my religion and beliefs onto other people and discourage them from being gay, atheist, Catholic, Unitarian, or whatever. So just accept that people are different. That is the beauty of this world. If we were all the same and believed the same things we would be living under Hitler. Ever read the novel "1984" by George Orwell? 
         So to beat the dead horse, and to extend this further than just gays/lesbians and Mormons and Prop 8, We are all different; take the time to get to know someone new, do something different and out of the ordinary, dont take things for granted, realize that life will go on just because someone called you stupid or disagreed with you, Stick up for what you believe in no matter how ridiculous it sounds because I guarantee that there is someone out there who agrees with you, And last and definitely most importantly love those around you even if they are different because, really, we are not all that different.

*I say what I want.

Here is a quote from Rabbi Shifren, Check it out, I found it pretty interesting:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

One word questionaire

1. Where is your cell phone? table
2. Your significant other? Emily-dog
3. Your hair? brown
4. Your mother? positive
5. Your father? hardworking
6. Your favorite thing? fun
7. Your dream last night? weird
8. Your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper
9. Your dream/goal? happiness
10. The room you're in? bedroom
11. Your fear? failure
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? stable
13. Where were you last night? airplane
14. What you're not? lucky
15. Muffins? yummo
16. One of your wish list items? love
17. Where you grew up? riverton
18. The last thing you did? blog
19. What are you wearing? sweats
20. Your TV? old
22. Your computer? oldish
23. Your life? interesting
24. Your mood? thoughtful
25. Missing someone? always
26. Your car? truck
27. Something you're not wearing? jewelry
29. Your summer? fast
30. Your favorite color? blue
31. When is the last time you laughed? today
32. Last time you cried? thanksgiving
33. Who will/would re-post this? ya'll
I pass this on to everyone who reads this!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My trip home to Utah and boy was it fun!

Okay so my trip home was so much fun! I absolutely loved every minute of it! It went by way too fast though, I was only home for 2 weeks and I feel like only a few days! I should have stayed better updated on my blog because there are so many stories I could have written about but I dont want to sit and write about each one so here is just a list of some of the the things I did while I was home.
-Saw Twilight twice, loved it. My Twilight obsession is a little under par since I was so busy doing other stuff, but I would have loved to watch it ten times. Seriously the minute it was over I wanted to watch it again. Of course, it was low budget and there were some things that you can get nit-picky about, but overall I really enjoyed it. Especially the kissing scene, probably my favorite part. Ya I said it. But there is one part in the movie when they are in the "meadow scene" where Edward is in the tree and he is crouching in the branches and Bella is on the ground, and he is professing his "heroin addiction" to her.....he looks like freaking Gollom from Lord of the Rings. It ruins that part for me because all I can think of is little evil creatures saying "My Precious" Which in a way I guess Bella is the Ring. OH well, still loved it.
- Fell off a fourwheeler with my Nephew Keldin, sorry dude. I possibly could have broken my shoulder, thank goodness I didn't. 
- Spent lots of time with my family, they are crazy, but I love every bit of them!
-Realized/remembered how much I hate migraines.
-Played with my dog. She completes me.
-Experienced an eye exam with a doctor on speed.
-Almost missed BOTH of my flights coming home.
-Ran around a place called Fairyland. - no lie.
-Told the same joke probably 20 different times and it never got old for me.
-Committed friendship suicide.
-Dressed up as a Native American Cowgirl.
-Ate out about 10 times in a 2 week span, each time with different people, but no wonder I am chubby.
-Practically lost my voice.
-Probably took too much cold medicine for my own good. Then I mixed it with energy drinks. I'm pretty healthy though.
-Watched lots of "House M.D." I figure if I am ever deathly ill I would like for him to be my doctor even though he would probably make me cry.
-Reaffirmed my addiction to Nintendo. DS or regular, it doesnt matter. Especially stupid games like Cake Mania or Kickle Cubicle. Dont they sounds interesting? You wouldnt think so, but they are.
-Tried to take 2 dogs running at the same time, havent ever tried that before...........probably never will again.
-Played the game "The Moment of Truth" With my siblings and sibling-in-laws, very entertaining and informative.
-Repeatedly found hilarity in Jenae's son, Jaxson, trying to say "Flicka" but forgetting the "L" 
-Saw lots of friends that I hold near and dear to my heart! And some strangers too.
-Campaigned for Alaska
-Remembered what good friends I have.
-Watched the same episode of Arrested Development at different houses on different days in different towns. Weird!
-Contributed to 3 puzzles being done.
-Bought some new clothes.
-Remembered you cant ever trust little kids to keep a secret.
-And definitely not last or least, but I am tired or writing, realized that I have done some stupid stuff, but I am growing up. At least sorta.

So ya! Home was good and I wish I could have stayed longer! I am sad that I didnt get to see some people. But there is always the future! So when I move home we will make sure to play then. I loved almost every minute of being home and cant wait to see you all again soon! And thanks to all those who took time to play with me! 

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ah the snow...

I feel like the women from the scene of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" when they are singing and looking out the window while it is snowing. It has not stopped snowing outside all day. But not just normal snow, like so much snow that I can barely see across the street. Or so much snow that I can hear the snow plow, but cant see it. I think some people call this a "white out." But dont think I am complaining at all, because it is actually good. Besides the fact that I havent left my house all day, I showered then bundled up and have been writing in my book all day! So even though it is crappy outside, I am totally okay with it!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is NoCouponNoPizza the next hit sensation?

I have come across a new band that I think my be on its way in, and by in, I mean on their way to the big time. Their new freshman hit album "Mosquito Alarm" covers all sorts of emotions/genres/fancies/interests/etc. They made their first debut on, the up and coming social internet core. I having had the privilege to meet both the members of NoCouponNoPizza, Russell Pohlman and Calvin Smooth aka Calvin Kenley, I convinced Russell to get me an album before it hit stores. Now he has asked me to write a review of this new sensation we like to call NoCouponNoPizza.

Mosquito Alarm: ( I HATE alarms, but not this one!)
Warp Zone - This track is not of them singing at all, but a small compilation of old school Nintendo songs. Being a HUGE fan of Mario and his Nintendo buddies, this song takes me back to my years at college in Kampus Korner, where we would play Nintendo just about everyday. Good song.

There - Calvin lead sings this song. I really enjoy the music for this next track. A happy-lift-you-up sort of beat. I will be completely honest I have no idea what this song is about, but the song is nice. The lyrics state something about "wash the sheets, cut your hair;" So ya....really not sure.

Joy Without Pleasure - Again Smooth takes the lead. You are right Calvin, Joy without pleasure is not any fun at all. I like this song, its very entertaining.

Van Helsing Boom Box - Russell takes the lead for this song. It starts off with a sort of Halloweeny-spooky groove. The only thing I can pull out of this song is that the person has finally taken a look at their life and realized they are not where they wanted to be; with a woman that gives them no happiness and a life that gives them no joy and what they thought of their life as so good is now nothing at all......and then they realize they are the only one that can change it, but they cant do anything about it. Too deep of an insight? Oh well. The ending music is a little creepy, not gonna lie.

Where Were You - My Favorite song on the whole track. Dead Serious! The music and the melody are great!I routinely listen to it on repeat.......thats the truth. Its actually a little depressing, but I really like it. It is a person who is mourning some sort of loss of a friend or loved one, wondering where they were when they needed them most. And they could have possibly fought with this person and now they are stronger because of it. I feel like I am looking way to much into these songs, I am gonna be pissed if it is a song about Mountain Dew or something. :)

The King - Wow, I dont even feel like talking about this one, you just need to experience it for yourself. But, since I promised.......Ever heard of Elvis? Maybe, maybe not, but what Calvin and Russ have done is, they have taken Elvis's demise and put it into rap form. Yes, you heard it folks. Quite entertaining. Very medically correct though, I applaud you both for not only your musical skills, but for your genius in making a rap out of medical terminology. Russ's breakdown midway through is probably the best part of the song.......You guys are crazy!

Buttylicious -Basically, this is Calvin rapping about his butt. Yep, thats it folks. Featuring Russ as an old school gangsta. There you go.

Exhibit A......

Femme Fatale - This is obviously a song about a girl that has broken these boys hearts. Its starts out heartwarming and sweet, but then the lyrics start about a girl who teases, torments, and lies. They cant help but be in love with her even though she has millions of boyfriends aka hoochie. Future reference boys, stay away from these girls. Unless of course you are doing research for a new song.

Bang Your Tamborine - This is the song that Calvin and Russ announce who they are as NoCouponNoPizza. They say things like "We are the mighty kings of Rock and Roll," "We are your wildest dreams" Dream on boys, but entertaining song. This is your disco-crazy-dance song. Kermit the frog is even featured in this song. Go on, Bang your Tamborine!!

Vampire in Tight Pants - When Russ first told me about this song, I was overjoyed! I love Vampires and if they are wearing tight pants, thats pretty close to being in heaven, but as I listen to the song I realize what this song is really about......I think, and this is purely speculation, but it is about girls who are always out there.....and you know what I mean by out there. Girls who are ready to suck your blood/life out of you, not real vampires. If this is what it is about....then they paint a very good picture of these so called girls. The song starts off with a sort of dark, sexy appeal to it and continues on with Calvin in a falsetto sort of high pitched voice. Again very entertaining.

Happy Birthday Howard - This song illustrates birthdays as we get older and how they aren't really that much fun anymore. Very true, I miss musical chairs.....

Florida - Keith, Calvin's brother, is featured in this song through a voicemail. Apparently he went to jail for an unpaid parking ticket.......sounds a bit like a girl I know....Whitney, are you reading this? Anyway, this song reminds me of old school rap.

Well there it is, my review of NCNP's album Mosquito Alarm. Now I knew Calvin Smooth has had a career in throwing down the biz with his raps, but his lyrical rhymes mixed with rookie Russell's creative talents and musical insight, this dynamic duo present ultimate amusement. I have only been graced with Russell's operas about bagels and cream cheese, so it was nice to hear a different side of his musical capabilities. The album stays true to its name, Mosquito Alarm will wake you up and keep you going all day long. NoCouponNoPizza stay true to their name as well, They dont present satisfaction unless you meet them half way by listening, Or whatever, I couldn't think of anything clever to say.

As it says on the back cover "12 tracks of pure bliss..." Well, I wouldn't say bliss, but pure entertainment? Yes I would say 12 tracks of pure entertainment.


Russ and Calvin are my good friends back in Logan. Please Support them and go check out their site on Myspace, they are great guys even though they look homeless in this picture!

PS There owe me now!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I wonder......I wander.....Yes I saw Aurora, not the Princess!

Just when I thought I was getting really homesick........

Okay so last night on the drive home from Anchorage, I saw for the very first time, the Aurora Borealis!!!! AKA the Northern Lights! I can honestly say it was one of the MOST amazing experiences in my life! This is not a picture I took, this is off the Internet, but this is kinda what I saw. I tried to take pictures but it was too dark so none of them worked out. We stopped right in by this pond/marsh area and beyond that was the mountains and right up above were the northern lights and the millions of stars. It is really hard to describe how incredibly humble it made me feel. There is no doubt in my mind that God does exist and that he used Alaska as his canvas to show off all the beautiful things our world has to offer! Anyway, it was pretty freakin awesome.
ALSO, another reason why Alaska freakin rocks, the other day while I was walking Rider (See below blog if you dont know who Rider is) and we were down by the river and even though the sun was shining, it was about 20 degrees. So here I was all bundled up, the sun was shining, walking by the river with a dog on a clear day........beautiful and relaxing, right? Well, it gets better, all of the sudden this ginormous Bald Eagle swoops down about 5 feet above my head, but across the river. He flew across the river and then perched in the trees right above me! It was spectacular!!! Good thing Rider isnt a small yappy dog otherwise the eagle, whom I have named Rogaine, would have swooped him up and eaten him for lunch. "Sorry your dog is gone Tyson, but it was a big eagle!" JK Anyway, So it sat in the tree. I tried, once again to take pictures, but my camera phone sucks so it just looks like a blob in some branches. Now it is not like I havent seen a bald eagle before, but it was just one of those Wow-this-is-why-I-am-in-Alaska Moments and it was unreal. I have come to the conclusion that everyone should AT LEAST visit Alaska. It is absolutely the most beautiful place in the entire world, hands down. Even the weeds are pretty. So put it on your 5 year plan chart, or even your ten year, whatever, but do it.
YAY ALASKA!!!! So as for being homesick, not really so much anymore. God is watching out for me. And I know some people have been praying for me too, so thank you!! Word ya'll!

Monday, October 27, 2008

24 more days!!!

I feel like it is December 1st. Because I only have 24 more days until the best day of my life! Not only am I going to be back in Utah, BUT i am going to see Twilight!!! Yay!!!

And yes its true, I already own, thanks to Amanda and her internet skills, a ticket to this blessed event.
Alrighty, so for an update, I dont know if I mentioned before but I love my new condo. But both me and Nicole are cheap and we decided we didnt want to pay for cable and so we didnt get it. Well now we are stuck with one crappy channel. Its CBS, not my favorite network ever. I only like CSI on it. So needless to say I have had my fill of Entertainment Tonight. Da na na na na na......... just imagine the song now. There is another channel that we get, but it is really blurry and one day I was bored and I was sick of watching ET so I tried to see if I could find something on this other channel. Its Alaska's equivolent to Utah's KUED, channel 7, you know, the channel you usually skip over because it has some childish/informative show on. Anyway, guess what show just happend to be playing "Sewing with Nancy" Yep you better believe it!

Now, give me a break, I am not trying to make fun or anything, but Come on! We only get one fuzzy channel in the first place and our other option is Sewing with Nancy!!! Oh well, serves us right for trying to be cheap. At least I have netflix and that is super cool. So instead of watching TV we watch movies!
So I am going to be home in 24 days and I can hardly wait!!! I had a really bad homesick day about 3 days ago, but I am over it now. I literally think I cried all day and I am not even joking. Thanks Wardle genes! But I am back to loving Alaska! Besides the fact that it has turned into one big ice cube. Everything is ICE!! I got some shoe things to wear that have studs on them so I dont slip and fall. But it is inevitably going to happen so just wait for the blog that I am sure is coming about slipping and falling. I think last winter I made it halfway through before I actually crashed and burned.
I have also started dog sitting my friends dog which is a HUGE help! I miss my little Emily SOOO SOOO SOO much and so to have a dog, even though it isnt my own, helps me feel better! The dog's name is Rider, but for some reason I keep calling him Tyson (Tyson is his owner) whenever he does something bad.......I hope I dont slip up in front of Tyson or he might not let me watch Rider anymore.
OH other big news! I have my computer back!!!! And it only cost me $150! Woo hoo! I did have to buy a new battery that cost me $140, and I bought an external harddrive for $88, so really it cost more than 150, but whatevs, it sounds better that way.
Well, now that I have my Mac-ie back I will load my pictures on here and show you guys what my Condo looks like, but that is for next time. Alrighty then, Ta ta for now!!

PS what should I be for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ya would think I was preparing to hibernate!

Okay so it has been awhile and I miss my blog!!! So many stories to tell......Well, nothing better like the most recent!
So I work in Room Service about 3 days a week now and sometimes that is by myself and the other morning it was pretty busy for one person. To give a hopefully brief (but I am like my father so it probably wont be) explanation of how it works, Honestly I didnt know before I worked it. The people call in the order, we write it down and put it in the computer and then set up the tray. The tray is on this big rolling cart that has a hot box and shelves on it, this is what we take up to the room. Its not that complicated, unless you are busy. Those carts are super heavy and you have to wait for the elevators and so on. Needless to say they are pretty lame so I try to use them as little as possible. Anyway, I got 2 orders close together and the first one was small, just a pot of coffee and some toast. The other was a bigger order. So I hurried and got a small tray ready for the coffee and toast order so I could just carry it. I was ready in 2 minutes and went to the service elevator. Lo and Behold..............Service elevator is out of service. Curseword.
Okay, so I will take the stairs, I looked at the ticket to see what floor I was headed to. We have 8 floors in the hotel. I am located on the second floor and my order......seventh floor. More curse words. So whatever, I just suck it up and decide to do it, but its 2 flights of stairs for each floor. Fine, only 10 flights of stairs not so bad, Right? About FOS (flight of stair) 4........ okay fine 2, I was feeling winded, because not only was I quickly walking up the stairs but I was balancing a tray and trying to give myself positive mental affirmations so I could make it up the stairs. At FOS 5 I took a breathing break. And about FOS 7, the positive affirmations had turned to cursing, and persperation had started form on my brow and underarms. By the end of my escapade I was breathing as if I had just ran a marathon and sweating like a......well like a chubby person should after they hike 10 flights of stairs.
I took a minute to compose myself before I went to the room. Then went to the door, still trying to get my breathing under control. I got to the door and knocked "Room Service!" This older gentleman opens the door. I was very polite and nice, made small chitchat while I set up the order, meanwhile he is filling out the check. So he hands me the check as I am leaving the room and I say goodbye. The whole time I was trying to hide my out-of-breathness (not a word, but whatever.) So finally I head back down the hellish stairs and I can breathe normal again and I open the check to see what he tipped me. $1.05. Thats it. A dollar and five cents. BOO!! I was so mad, but oh well, I got my freaking exercise for the week. So moral of the story, Dont bite off more than you can chew because then you get chubby and one day you may have to run up 10 flights of stairs.
Oh and tip your servers decent amounts. Even if they look like they just ran a mile.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Tech-mology - huh?

So I have been wanting to write all sorts of things, lots of new adventures have sprung up in Alaska that I want to write about, but my computer is currently taking a sabbatical for some unknown reason. So until I can get it up and running again, no stories. But to tickle your fancy, for the 3 of you who read my blogs; I got punched in the face outside a bar(very good story....okay not really, but arent you interested!?!) It is so freakin COLD here already!!! And not just the "oh its chilly out" But the "I'm shaking uncontrollably and cant stop because my body is frozen and even my eyes are frozen." Yeah, that cold. But I am still not ready to come home yet. I am on my roommate's computer so I dont want to take up too much time, By the way, she is the one who punched me. (arent you so intrigued to hear the story now!?) So enjoy your days and pray that my computer is fixable with no or little involvement of money! Love ya!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Srvng pepl hu dnt speec inglesh

Yes you heard me. How frustrating is it to serve people who dont speak english, you ask me? Its Very Frustrating!! The last few days we have had this huge group of like 200 chinese people staying at the hotel. Well, I have been serving in the morning when we have the buffet and there tour group provides the guests with vouchers so they can come and eat off the buffet. Well serving the buffet is easy, all you have to do is give them water, coffee, or tea and then clear their plates, they take care of the rest. Well unless they are chinese! Dont get me wrong I am not racist, I have half asian friends....okay bad joke, but I am not racist. Anyway, So I ask them for there vouchers and after the first few tables of using nothing but the words "vouchers" and "paper" and numerous hand motions to show the size of the paper. I got smart and just showed them an actual voucher which they all understood and nodded "oohhh, yes, boucher" and yes I meant to put boucher. So there was that hurdle. Unless of course they forgot it and instead told me their room number so that what......I could go get it from their room? I dont know, but I just didnt charge them for that one, So help me the hotel can fire me because one little chinese lady forgot to bring her voucher. 
So next I get them all water and ask them if they want coffee and some of them cant even understand what I am asking so they just smile and nod which I think is a yes, but then I go to pour and they say "NO NO NO." Make up your minds. 
Then I get this table of what I thought was six, thats a big table, well then some others want to join them so then it was like 8. Well the table they were sitting at was barely big enough for 6. So while they were all at the buffet I am trying like mad to organize the table so 8 can fit, snugly, but it works. So as a stand back and admire my organizing skills the first 3 come back and start talking to me in chinese like I know what they are asking. I am sure the look on my face told them that I had no idea, so they start pointing to the booth across from the table I had just so neatly prepared. They kept saying "three, three" pointing to the booth. After I got that those three wanted to move to the booth, though slightly irritated, I moved them over, less of a hassle for the big table. Now 5 could eat at the table originally for 6 and three could eat comfortably at the booth. *Sigh* well then the other 5 come back with like 3 plates each and on each plate is like a grape or a piece of pineapple(not really, but they had these teeny portions on these huge plates.) As they are all trying to get settled, meanwhile yelling orders at one another, you could hear them across the restaurant. One of the older gentlemen get up and tris to sit at a different table!! Are you kidding me?! So as I try to tell him that he needs to go back, he is talking to me in chinese and I am assuming he is trying to tell me he wants to sit here, in walks my favorite chinese person, Jackie Chan.....Just kidding, but it was one of their co-travelers who was fluent in both languages so he told me that the guy wanted to sit here because there was not enough room over there, But then he turned to chinese-table-jumper and and told him to go back to his table, well I am assuming told him because the guy went back to his seat. I thanked 2 languages guy and went back to serving my chinese crew. The rest of the time they were there was a little more of the same, the lady would shout out nonsense words and raise and shake her hand any time she needed me, which was like every 5 minutes. It came to the point that I wouldnt even have to see her, I would just hear her nonsense words and I would go to the table. One time she had some ham or something hanging out of her mouth while she called me, I couldnt help but laugh, oh well, I dont think she could tell why I was laughing. After the third day of this, I just basically tried as little communication as possible and it seemed to work out best for both me and the chinese.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Its already starting to Snow! In the Mtns!!

Hello all! So today I saw a poster on one of the billboards that was advertising a contest coming up in a few weeks in Anchorage. The Annual Beard and Moustache contest. That is right. I was laughing so hard! Anyway, I thought if my family ever moves up here maybe my dad can enter, or maybe Josh......haha! JK Joshua! 
Anyway, I hope everyone had fun this past weekend. Everyone was either at the family reunion or camping. I was slightly nostalgic/homesick, but its okay. I have been working soooooo much lately! All the J-1's are leaving (those are all the foreigners that get visas to come work here for a few months. So they are leaving and everyone else has just decided to quit, so I have gotten tons of extra hours. Which is good. But since I have been working so much I finally had yesterday off so I did my laundry and watched CSI..........all day.......seriously. For like 8 hours. Yes its pathetic, but I validated it since I have been working so much.

Well, as for my future plans......I am actually not coming home till november. This is so I can spare my parents those few extra gray hairs and they can stop freaking out about me moving, but also it will give me more time to save money. So Ya, That kinda sucks because I was planning on seeing all you guys in September, but oh well. A few more months will be okay. That way I can come home for like 2 weeks. Well, Peace out!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Surely you cant be serious?! I am serious and dont call me Shirley

Okay so time for an update. I have been so busy making plans to stay in Alaska that I have forgotten to keep you updated on my goings on. So the pictures, let me first explain those. The first few are of my friend Emily's Birthday. It was a themed party of Jungle, then it was Mexican, then it was Ninja, So people basically just showed up as whatever. I tried to incorporate everything, well, everything except the Mexican. So I was a panther and I wore a sword so I was a Ninja Jungle Cat! Totally lethal. Anyway, not many other people dressed up, pretty much only the people you see in the pictures, maybe one or two more. But it was a BLAST! Kavika can do those twirly Jungle sticks, but he lights them on fire and it is super cool, until he was drunk, then his coordination suffered and so he dropped it a lot. Oh well. Next is the dogs. I was having and awful day and just sitting contemplating how much life sucked and then this pack of local dogs were just running around. I thought it was the funniest thing so I took a picture of them, well, then they came over to me! So they sat and played around me which made my day! Seriously it went from being the worst day ever to being a really good day! Thanks Heavenly Father! Anyway, next photos. THe Sushi and the lobster. WOW!!! Okay so they have a japanese restaurant Teppanyaki in the hotel and it is sooooo good! Its actually one of the best places to get sushi in Alaska because everything they get and make is like within a day fresh! I even ate raw tuna and I didnt even notice, it was my favorite meal. Dani and I went there and it was fantastic. I had never had lobster before so that was a new experience. Good, but rubbery and alive looking and so it kinda freaked me out. The whole time I was pulling the meat out of his tail I kept waiting for him to turn and look at me and be like "HELLO!! I am cut in half the least you could do is quit pulling on my tail!!" But he didnt. That would have been really creepy.
So as for my plans to stay. Well, once I told the parents that I was bringing my dog and my truck up they had strokes, but recovered quickly enough to tell me that basically this was the worst decision of my life and that I couldnt do it. After some time and some hardcore convincing they are finally semi okay with it. I was surprised because I thought that the minute I told my mom that I was taking the dog from the house she would be packing my stuff for me. Anyway, still looking for an apartment and trying to make things work. Jar Jar thinks he is going to come up here with me so he can work before he goes on the mish. So we will see.
Aide moved to Anchorage to be with her daughter and grandkids and she has a good job there. So Dani moved in with me to escape the smell and terror of Paula. I miss Aide just because she is so funny and nice.
Dani leaves tomorrow. I am sad I will definitely miss her friendship. Her parents come tomorrow and then they are gonna go to the touristy traveling thing and then they are flying out in like a week or something. OH YEAH! She freaking got bit by a Brown Recluse spider! Well, at least thats what they think. Her leg was all swollen and red and the bite was just getting worse and worse so she went to the hospital and it is doing much better now. But I am slightly nervous because she sleeps right above me so if the spider bit her in my room then that little thing might be hiding somewhere......I feel all itchy now just thinking of it.
Paula is still here........the bane of my existence. I tried so hard not to let her know I was staying in Alaska, but she found out. Oh Well, I guess it was inevitable. She did say that she was really happy Dani was leaving but that she would miss me......damnit, Why?! I dont know. Crazy people are drawn to me I guess.
So yesterday I had to go in to work at 4:45am because we had this VIP Oil executive from Kuwait that wanted his effing breakfast in his room at 5:30am. His name was Al-Sultan so we all just called him the Sultan, I dont know if he really was. So I got there early did my shift, left at like 1:30pm. Well then one of my lovely co-workers called in sick. Keep in mind she always calls in sick and she only works like 2 times a week. Anyway, it was supposed to be really busy so I got called in. I worked another 4 hours. So hopefully between the 12 hours and the tips, I made some good mullah. Oh and I broke a total of 4 glass objects between the 2 shifts. I was definitely on a roll yesterday! Haha!
I sent my old job an email finally telling them that I am not coming back......still awaiting the call. I am so nervous, but I think it will be okay. If you dont hear from me in awhile it may be that they have tracked me down and killed me.
Anyway, Peace ya'll and call me. I get bored sometimes and I like to talk to people!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looking for an apartment in Alaska?

Why yes, yes I am.......I have come to the decision that I am going to stay in Alaska for at least another yearish.......Kind of. I am like 90% sure. So ya!!! Big NEWS!! Not that any of ya'll care, but that is kind of a big thing. Anyway, I still have to find a place, but I have a roommate so that is good. I will be coming home mid september to pack up my stuff and get my truck and my dog then I will attempt the 5-6 day road trip up here! I am really excited!! So my little Alaskan Adventure is going to be extended. I still have to notify my old work at the Vet clinic, which has been my BIGGEST hang up on deciding whether or not to stay, but I have realized that I have to do what makes me most happy and right now.......staying in Alaska is what I want. This was a really hard decision, but in other ways it was really easy. I just feel good about staying, though it was really hard to weigh out all the other options back home and turn my back on some of my obligations, but in the end shouldn't being happy be my foremost concern rather than worrying about other people? I think so. My mom told me that I have to live my life for me, not for other people, which I think is very smart and I didnt realize that a lot of my decisions in life have kind of been based around other people rather than myself. Anyway, I have made the decision......So wish me luck and come visit me!!!! 
Back to my current situation.........I hate doubt about it. She gets weirder and weirder the longer I stay, maybe its my patience level that is wearing thin though instead. But either way she is still crazy! Aide moved out and moved to Anchorage to be with her daughter and so Dani moved into my room, which is cool. Its nice because we both have the same schedule most the time so it all works out. 
I know there were lots of other things I was planning on writing in here, but now I dont remember, so, wish me luck and I shall see you all in a month or so! Maybe we can have a big party or something to celebrate me leaving! Haha!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So did you hear about the girl from Utah that got attacked.....

Haha....well, I have been asked this a lot in the past week, both from home and from here. But No I didnt. Cooper Landing is like an hour or so South or maybe North from here, honestly I am not sure. But I do appreciate all the calls, texts and posts that you all showed me you were worried. Poor girl, She should have used the trap in the ground like I did.....okay that was a really bad joke and maybe only Karen will get it and some other skousens, but whatevs. So ya, everyone has asked me that in the past few days since she was from Logan and people know thats where I was living, they thought I might know her. But who knows, maybe one day I can swap bear stories stories with her. I know it wasnt Black Love that got her because he is a Black Bear and I think the one that tried to eat her was a Grizzly. 
As far as bears go, I have seen so many now! So much for wanting to see them in the first place, I just had to be patient. All the mama's and their cubs are out, I have yet to see cubs up close yet and I probably wont unless I want to end up like Logan Girl. The picture above is the type of bears I have been seeing. They are SO magnificent to see close up, but very scary too. And they have been having trouble with these 2 adolescent bears around employee housing where I live. Their mom got shot and so they have been hanging around because of the dumpster and there is a compost a little ways away so it is almost a daily thing for them to be around which is also kinda scary. But I am trying to be safe!
My computer charger broke last week so I havent had my computer for awhile and I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am to have it back. My link to reality! Jk, it was good for me though, it forced me to read Twilight once again, and I am still in love with Edward. It always takes me a few weeks to get through the first chapters, but once I get past them then I finish it in like a day. I cant wait for the new book, though I dont know if I am going to read the other ones before I read Breaking Dawn.....hmm...still contemplating that one. Anyway, Did I mention how much I love Edward?

So last sunday afternoon, I badgered Dani, the cool roommate, to go on this hike with me. She had already been on it multiple times, but I didnt want to go alone. So ya, I know I said that one of the reasons I came to Alaska, was to better "find myself" And I did find a part of myself that had been gone since I was a child. ADVENTUROUS HANNAH! Haha, but seriously I forgot just how much I LOVE hiking and exploring!! I havent really made time for it just because I was like "I'm chubby and lazy so I am not going to do it." But I did and it was so good and not even that tiring! I was like jumping around and just oooing and aaaahing at all the beauty around me, I dont know if it was a major endorphin high, seeing as I dont do hiking all the time, Lets not forget that I am chubby, as the photos can attest to! Anyway, I honestly can say that was probably the happiest I have been up here the whole time, was up in the mountains, next to the huge river, it was so astounding! I can see now why in movies you see the people chucking their cell phones into the rivers because they are so happy in the wild and they just want to get rid of society! Haha, dont hate for that. Its true and I didnt take my phone, but I just might have thrown it in I was that happy! 
We hiked to the Hand Tram. Pretty self explanatory but you basically pull yourself across this massive gorge of raging rushing water. I didnt go all the way across because their was a family waiting, but I needed to at least get my pictures on it. The other picture is of one of the young bears that keeps coming by my house. He was running away though. 
Anyway, I love ya! And I promise I will try and post more frequently now that I have my computer back.

PS Paula still hasnt killed me yet, but if you were able to watch the video that she was on please tell me what you think! Is she not scary beyond all reason?!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


"You don't have to worry anymore, I got my bear!" "She got her bear..." (though slightly altered, name that movie.)
Its official, I can come home now, I have seen my bear! So not only did I get to see 2 bears tonight, but you get a little sample of Paula!! What a grand day indeed!! 
So first off I saw one bear through the window of the hotel, the guests all had their noses pushed up against the glass and so I asked them what they were looking at, of course it was a bear and her cubs! So I looked through the binoculars and sure enough their was my bear. That just made my day! Everyone was rolling their eyes at me because I was to happy about seeing the bear, they kept calling me a "tourist" which was a title I proudly wore. So I finish the night on a high note and come home. I showered then decided to eat something and good ole Paula said she was going out for a smoke. Next thing I know she runs back in the house and says "Quick! Bear at the bottom of the steps!" You better believe I was up and out on that porch as fast as a chubby kid on cookies. HE WAS RIGHT THERE!!! He just kept looking at us like "What? So what I am a bear? Big Deal." Well, Mr. Bear, who I will call Black Love, it is a very big deal to me! I ran and got my camera, so by the time I got my camera and tried to take 2 unsuccessful pictures, he had gone quite a ways, so I opted with the recording which is even better because I was able to take advantage of the opportunity and film Paula, but the sound cuts out right before she talks!! So you don't get to hear her raspy man voice, though you see what I mean when I say she looks like a frog! Anyway, I was too excited not to share this with ya'll!! Hope you enjoy!

Okay so After 2 days of trying to get this video uploaded on Blogger it never freakin worked so here is the link to Myspace

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Indiana Jones, The Terminator, and the best show possibly ever!

Okay first and foremost, Yes I am still alive, Paula hasnt tried to kill me yet. She is still as weird as ever, but I am coping. So here are a few little updates and I will start witht he most important.
HARRISON FORD was here! And Calista Flockhart, but really who is more important......Ally Mcbeal or Indiana Jones? He got here last Sunday and was here until today........all I wanted was a glimpse of him......THATS ALL! But alas, Alaska has yet to bestow its mercy on me. First no bears, now no Indiana Jones and Co. Everyone got my hopes up because they were all saying "He is going to order room service so make sure your all prepared..." So I was totally pumped and I had worked out what I would say to him if I got the chance to serve him......but the stupid celebrity had to be all NORMAL and go down to the Restaurant and eat. Whatever Indiana...... My roommate Dani, the cool one, is a cook and she stays out on the buffet line and makes omelets for people that want them and so she got to make Harrison's Omelet! I hate her. Just kidding. And she got to see him at the pool. I on the other hand waited around, perused the hotel on my off time, I even walked by his room multiple times with Maribel and still nothing! Though I did touch his door. So there you have it. I touched Harrison Ford's door. Ya'll cant say that now can ya! I am not even THAT big of a fan of him, or her for that matter, but I just wanted the chance to say that I saw him, ya know, to have the one-upper on people when they would be like, "I saw the President of the US!" So I could be like, "Well, I saw Harrison Ford, so there." I have never seen so many people in such a whirlwind of excitement though. I dont think I have ever heard his name more than I have the last few days, seriously, that is all ANYONE was talking about. And most everyone got to see him, except me...... Anyway, so I am pretty bummed about the whole thing, but now he is gone, drove off into the mountains in a Hummer Jeep with the Indiana Jones theme music blasting while he cracked his long Mr Ford.  

Today, Mr Governor of California Arnold Schwarrzenegger is in da house! What What! Maybe I can hit him up for some weed. Just kidding everyone! Anyway, TWO celebrities in one week is too much for this little community to handle at one time. I am not even going to try and see Arnold, if it is meant to happen then it will. I was too let down by Indiana......Jk

Anyway, I finally bought my plane ticket home! Kinda sad though. I really can honestly say that as of right now I dont want to leave Alaska. I love it here, besides the psycho roommate, I could stay here for another year or so. I dont want to leave. Life is so peaceful and calming here. I rarely feel stressed and everything is just so evenly paced. Not to mention the constant beauty. I love it here. It will be hard leaving, I just wish you all could come here and then it would be perfect!

I have found the PERFECT reality show, move over American Idol, Big Brother, Survivor, The Biggest Loser and all those other wanna-bes. Greatest American Dog has now hit the tv circuit and I am in love with it!
Yes, you can make fun of me, and you can roll your eyes, but I am telling you! For dog lovers everywhere there isnt a better show! And truly only other dog people will understand why this show makes me so happy. It is really cheesy and gay, and some of the people are really annoying and too into their dogs but overall this show is amazing!  And not to mention, there are NO labs in the bunch! I cant tell you how happy that makes me! Not that I dont love labs, but I just am glad that they have a diversity of breeds on the show. There was this one quote from the old New Yorker with the Jack Russell on the show that was something like "we are all so different, but the one thing that has brought us together in commonality, is our bond and love with our dogs." Ya, thats not right, but it was along those lines and it is soo true! Its on thursdays at 7 so if you love dogs and want to see others who love them too totally tune in! Anyway, I am sure I will have a whole blog dedicated solely to the show. :)

Well, those are the big things I wanted to write about, but hopefully it wont be this long before I write again! Love you all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A trip to the insane asylum and I didnt even have to leave home!

Okay, so first and for most. My roommate is beyond all reason, the weirdest, craziest (Crazy=creepy not crazy=fun) most psycho person. Yes I said it. Okay so to start out, for those of you who have read previous posts know who I am talking about, Paula. The 50 plus year old lady who has no teeth, huge glasses and smokes every 15 minutes. Now, this post is very judgemental, so think what you want but if you had to live with her, you would have no choice but to agree. So She writes in this notebook all the time, and I never thought about it until just the other day and I was curious about what she was writing. I assumed it was some sort of journal, but then again it could be her daily hit list, I dont know! Now keep in mind, she leaves it out, open, right on the counter, you know, that area that is usually everyones area in an apartment, so its not like I was really snooping, though I was. And as many of you know, once I have something in my head I am very curious and I want to know about it. And it drives me mad until I find it out, I'm curious, ya see (inside joke for Russ and Chris, though I doubt they read this.) Well, curiosity killed this cat! She is writing in it as if it were a journal, but yet it is laid out in like time increments and it follows the same pattern of what she writes about. Like every entry it she says how many text messages she sent out that day and when she showered and whether or not she washed her hair, and her sleeping pattern...........cue the freaking twilight zone music. I was totally unnerved because she had stuff written in there like "Hannah home at 11:30" and on another day, (yes, I flipped pages to see more) she wrote "Hannah was home 2 hours after her shift ended, I wonder where she was." Also, "Hannah has to be to work at 6:30 tomorrow so I hope she gets home soon." I dont ever tell her any of this stuff!!! WHAT THE FREAKING HECK!?!?! And believe me there was plenty of other crazy stuff in there. Even though I felt sick and unnerved it wasnt just me she wrote about, Aide and Danni are in it of course too. She writes about more feelings and situations she has with Danni where as me and Aide she writes about our schedules and what we do like "Hannah ate some dinner and then did the dishes around 9:45." Seriously, whack job! And I remember she would always get so mad because Aide would go in early to work and it would bug Paula so bad, though it was none of her business. Anyway, I didnt know what to do and I was all worked up so I called Amanda and there I was freaking out and they just laughed, but its okay because it kinda is funny, I mean, didnt I ask for an adventure? Well, this is turning out to be more of a Silence of the Lambs type of adventure versus "I'm gonna go have fun in Alaska" Adventure. After talking it out with Amanda and being chastised by my mother for looking at the notebook, (even though it is always left out, I mean, if you dont want anyone to read it, then put it away in you room) They said she may have some sort of OCD or something. Whatever it is, it bothers me. Now I do HONESTLY feel sorry for her, but its hard when she is so creepy, to be nice to her and be around her. I know you are all thinking I am a terrible person and that I need to grow up, but truly you dont understand, this lady is so weird! And to have her writing crazy stuff like that makes me even more weirded out. Anyway, after the initial adrenaline kick and a night or two to sleep on it, I do feel better. I still think she is crazy, but I still have 2 more months to live with her so I just got to buck up and deal with it! Ah, venting session over....I think.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quote of the day

"Life is hard, after all, its what kills you. " - Katherine Hepburn. Word Katherine, I totally agree.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

OH the places you'll go! -Dr. Suess

Ah yes, here I am back again to the wonderful world of blogging! I have been really busy, which has been a first since being here because since I didnt have any friends all my free time was spent with my computer or books. Anyway, As you can tell I posted what pictures I had of the wedding. Jeremy took like 400 and when I get the CD I will post a bunch so you guys can see them all, there are some good ones! Well, Going home was really good for me. It gave me a break from Alaska, not that I am not enjoying here, but it just gave me a little reprieve so I could see my family and friends and not feel so homesick. Cassie looked absolutely amazing! She was happy and even though Cassie's natural tendency when she is stressed is to shut down and not talk to anyone, if she was stressed she didnt show it! She was excited and beautiful! I love her so much and I am so happy for her and Joseph. He is perfect for her and they are great together! Joseph's family is great as well! I got to meet a few of them the night before and I made them all race while making the fruit kabobs and they joined right in. Cassie is lucky to have them in Arizona because I am going to miss her dearly. Now that she is married I have come the realization that I am not hardly going to see her as often! OH well, thats life. The Temple was hot, the luncheon was hot and the reception was hot! I am used to the 50-75 degree weather I have daily here and not the scorching 95-100 degrees that it was while I was in Utah. Vomit! I came back with a sunburn, which was actually kinda nice, made me feel like I had actually been on vacation!
While I was home I decided to do something different with my hair, so I chose highlights since chopping my hair is out of the question! I love it! And if you look down in the photos below you can see what it looks like. Cassie was mortified that I did it and her excuse was exactly this, "Well you have virgin hair, so you can donate it. Why would you color it?" This was my response to her. A)Been there, done that, already donated my hair once and it made three wigs, so there, I made up for a few years with that. B) Well, everything else is virgin, I guess I gotta start desecrating with something! Okay well, please dont take offense to that one, just blame my family for my sense of humor. Joke! Love them! 
Anyway, I sang and played the mandolin at the wedding luncheon, made a fool of myself in fact, but all was well and forgotten by the reception. Which brings me to my next point. Remind me not to invite my mother to my wedding! Just kidding, but she had a moment of freak out, which was validated, but man oh man I just hope I have a calm, cool, relaxing wedding. Anyway, all jokes aside, the reception was beautiful and went well thanks to many, MANY hands, especially Pam and Amber Sorensen who basically decorated the back yard, and an ENORMOUS thanks to the Mickelsens who took pity on us and let us use their backyard for the reception! Which again brings me to my next point, The DJ. (lets all take a minute and swoon) Alright back on our feet. My goodness he was dreamy! And I made a point of telling my brother. Bad idea number ........well, I dont know what number, but it was a bad idea. Anyway,  as the night wore on and I got crazier, my brother took it upon himself to go ask the DJ if he would dance with me, OF COURSE the DJ politely declined saying that he had a weight limit with people he danced with......JUST KIDDING! But he did decline with the excuse that he has a serious girlfriend....whatever Mr. DJ, just put a record on, I wanna dance with my baby (thank you Madonna). Speaking of dancing, what a night! Basically just my family danced, but it was amazing! I love to just get out and get crazy, which I did and made a fool of myself, but oh well! Even my Grandma got out and danced! It was quite the night. The Divas made their appearance as well, I can only dream to one day aspire to be a Diva! HAha! 
Well, finally the night was over and the next day I was able to meet with some friends before I left which was great! I really have the bestest friends ever. All of them! I love them so much! 
Now for the flights back to Alaska! The flights to Utah were unentertaining except for the dog that whined the whole flight basically, but I had more patience for that than most, I wonder why? JK. But I flew from SLC to Las Vegas where I met these two Japanese boys who invited me to stay in Las Vegas and hang out with them, OH it was funny, but I politely declined. It was kinda awkward too. Anyway, I was so tired and I didnt want to sleep on the 5 hour flight to Alaska because I had a cold and so I didnt want to snore, its a weird fear issue I have, okay. Just let me be obsessive for a bit. Anyway, So I drank 2 energy drinks to help me stay awake. Not to mention I had to pee every 5 stinking minutes and I still ended up falling asleep, whatever. But thats getting ahead of myself. As I was walking to my terminal to leave for Alaska a huge herd of children about the age of 10 passed me. I am talking like 50-60 kids. In my head I said, and I quote myself, "Sucks to be anyone who has to fly with them." Yep, karma sucks! I went on tour once in high school with about 100 kids from school and I was annoyed on the plane with kids that I knew, so you can imagine how much I was hating my life on this flight. They kicked my seat and yelled and laughed. It was awful. Luckily the girl who sat next to me was about my age and we just commiserated together in hate for the young children. BUT it gets better! I have to back up a bit though, So while we were boarding there was this passenger at the front desk area and he looked like "The Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld. Seriously! Anyway, He was having a fit about something with the boarding attendant and was yelling about something. So ya I already had it in my head that these kids were not going to help his blood pressure. So mid flight the kids had gotten to their peak of boredom so of course they are doing everything annoying as possible and Soup Nazi guy gets up and yells, "Sit down and shut up you kids! There are other people on this flight besides you!" and slowly the kids sat down and quieted and some old guy in the front of the plane started clapping! I couldnt help but smother my laugh! I was dying! But not 20 minutes later the kids were back being annoying, but at a lower level. Well, I made it safely back to Girdwood and I didnt realize but I kinda missed it! I guess that is good right? Well, I have more I want to write but my hands are tired. So goodnight and so long and Next time I will write about the boys, I mean men, here....what a post to look forward to! JK. Love ya!

The night before the wedding, the temple and a few friends from Alaska! Yes I know, random.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, I am back in Alaska now, :( But its okay because now I am another month closer to coming back for good and it was a good break! So I will write another post about the wedding and flights and so on, because there are some good ones, but I dont have the time really today. 
As with all vacations, soon as you are home, the work begins! This morning was crazy, first they needed me to come in early (5:30am, yes it sucks) Which I didnt find out till I woke up at 5:20, yes neat. Anyway, throughout the busy morning I opened an orange juice carton and just kept pouring myself a small glass of orange juice. Well, because I was busy and not really paying attention to how much I was drinking, it wasnt until the last few drops dripped out into my cup that I realized I had drank the whole carton, it was a half gallon. Needless to say I am suffering the consequences.............and if you dont know what those consequences are, go drink a half gallon of orange juice and find out yourself. 
I cut and highlighted my hair!! Its a little crazy and bold of me, but I REALLY like it! I will take a picture and post it. Well, word homies and peace out, I gotta go fight bears!

Oh and PS: 39 days and still NO sighting of a bear. Where's Yogi when ya need him?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free food!

Okay so last night the hotel had set up for all of room service to go up and eat at the Seven Glaciers restaurant on them! We were all totally excited because this is like 5 star restaurant quality food! So four of my other coworkers went on monday and they all said it was so amazing! My excitement level jumped ten levels! So the big night came and I got all dressed up! I think it was the first time I have really gotten ready here, well besides for church. But anyway, So we met up at the room service area, where you see the one  picture of all us girls. Then we went to the tram and rode it up the mountain, it was so neat! Apparently this tram was the steepest tram in the US. Pretty cool! So the ride up was great. We got there and they sat us in their "prime seating location" which wasnt a lie because we could see everything! They really hooked us up big time, I can definitely see that there are some perks from working here. So we sat down and they told us we could each order an appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and dessert! The only thing we had to pay for was the liquor, which obviously I wasnt worried about needing to pay for! 
I went up with Chantel, Nicole, and Paul. Okay, so you know in movies when the people go to this fancy schmancy restaurant and everything is clean and perfect and extremely wealthy looking, ya well this is the kinda place it was. I mean seriously I am a mop-up-my-gravy-with-bread-and-whatever-is-left-on-my-plate kinda person, I was totally out of my element. I even had to do the whole "start from the outside in" with the silverwear! Hello! Never went to etiquette school. So first they brought out the wine, they all wanted to try the red wine, and I just stuck to my water, even though they poured me a glass. Which you can see in the photo of us at the table, so no I didnt drink, but everyone else did and my goodness did Chantel and Nicole get drunk! It was so funny! But after that they brought out the apppetizers and I had the King Crab Cocktail thing....WOW it was so good, and seriously looking at it, there was no way I would have ever wanted to try it, but I did and it was delicious!!! It even had this coleslaw type stuff with it and I hate coleslaw, but I ate it all! We all swapped and they were all amazing. Next was the soup........this was the best of anything......and I mean.....Anything, I have ever tasted in my entire lifetime, And believe me, I love food!! It was some sort of Bisque, and I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life it was INCREDIBLE! Next, was the salad and I had a ceaser, honestly nothing to shout about, but it was still good. After that was finally the Entree and I had the Free Range Chicken, and it was SPECTACULAR! I tried the others King Crab and that was amazing as well. So of course last but not least, we ordered dessert. I had the Baked Alyeska, it is our number one dessert and after serving it to tons of people and drooling over it, I finally wanted to taste it, it was sooo mouthwatering delicious it is the little ball of ice cream covered in chocolate, then surrounded by chocolate mouse and all that is on top of a small brownie. To top it off, the entire thing is covered in merange so it looks like this little cloud of heaven......I could have died right then and been the happiest person in the world! Even though everything was, like as I said before about the super fancy restaurant, the servings were all very small, but thats all we needed to taste it, and the fact that we had something of everything, we were so full by the end. Our total bill came to almost $450!!! Good thing we werent paying! Well, enough of my love affair with the food. As for the drinkers, Paul really didnt drink that much because he had to drive, but Nicole and Chantell just kept drinking, and they got so drunk. Wow, drunk people are so funny! Chantell was snorting and laughing at everything which was making me laugh even harder! Oh they were killing me! It was so much fun and the entire night was great! I was able to get out with some people and do something fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Seriously I wish you all could have been here to try it!! 

A Night on the Town!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I have a pet squirrel!

This is true, as of yesterday I know have a pet baby squirrel! And his name is Nutso, I know real original! Haha, okay so before everyone has a fit, and thinks the crazy animal lover has crossed the line, its really not THAT true. Yesterday while I was walking home, this little squirrel was up ahead looking for some food in the gravel, normal. So I kept walking because as we all know, squirrels run away when a huge human approaches, But this squirrel could have cared less that I was walking right up to him, not normal. He continued to sift through his gravel even though I was a foot away from him. Now keep in mind he looks very young so the poor child probably didnt know better, or he was being a rebellious teenager, not sure....okay I will stop comparing the animal to humans. So I continue walking, I turn around just to have one look at the cute little baby squirrel and lo and behold, he is following me! He ran right up to my foot and sniffed it. At this point I was worried he was gonna climb my leg and eat my face. So a slowly backed away and continued walking, and so did he, though he ran because he is small. He followed me all the way to my stairs which he cant really climb because they are grates. Anyway, he sniffed around and then went around the corner. Seriously just call me the squirrel whisperer. Haha, Just kidding, but it was a funny weird experience. 
Now if I believed in reincarnation I would probably think it was some dead relative trying to connect with me, but squirrels are just squirrels and Nutso is now my friend! Here are some pictures, and NO I didnt try to pick him up mother, dont worry! :)
I am telling you, he was tiny! Anyway, Thats all for now!
OH wait! I got a new roommate! Thank the heavens and the stars, because she is younger like 22-25ish, dont know yet, but her name is Danni and she is pretty cool, though I think she hates being Paula's roommate, which makes her even cooler. I just feel bad she has to deal with her. Anyway, She is doing an externship for being a cook, she went to culinary school and everything so thats pretty neat! Anyway, love you all and have a good one! I seriously love you guys! 

PS only 10-11ish more days till I am home for Cassie's big wedding! Cant wait to see you all!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Moose, Church, and the puking episode!

Okay, So there is a lot to catch everyone up on!! Well, lets start with the fact that I saw MOOSE today!!! It was sooo great! I was on the bus headed down to town and just down one of the streets we passed there were two young calves in the street and their huge mother was just on the side of the street! OH it just made my day! Not only did I just see a moose, but I saw babies! OH what a day! 
Anyway, back to the agenda. Starting with last week. So I have been semi quiet because there isnt much for me to talk about when I am at work, but the other day Tyson (the one who is worried the government has aliens) was talking about getting a dog and I told him that I knew "a little bit" about dogs and that I used to work at a vet clinic. Well, he started asking all these questions about dogs and I could not shut up! I was out of control! It was like word vomit about dogs....oh well. He said "Geez Hannah this is the most I have heard you talk!" I just smiled and nodded and mentally slapped myself. But it was nice, because for ONCE in my life, someone was actually interested in my useless pathetic dog knowledge. 
Well, so one night it was word vomit and then it was real vomit! Okay, so saturday night I had the worst headache. It was one of those nights where everything is awful and takes ten times longer than usual just because you are feeling terrible, well I had finally got everything finished and Tyson was just finishing the paper work and I knew I was gonna puke! But I didnt want to puke in front of him. I asked if he could leave and basically ran to the elevator. I was hoping I could just make it down to the next floor, but soon as the doors closed in the elevator, I lost it and puked in my hands. IT WAS AWFUL!! And totally embarrassing! It was seriously the worst night ever. Oh geez!
So after a good nights rest I felt better and I went to the church the next morning. The branch meets in a little catholic community center right behind where I live so its great because it just takes 1 minute to walk there. So I walked in and went and sat down, right away this older lady came and talked to me. It felt so good, there was only 28 people there and that is with 6 visitors. The regular branch members were on cloud 9 with excitement that there were so many people there! It was funny! It was fast sunday and so right after testimonies we went downstairs and ate food! So it was just a big linger longer, and the food was delicious! I dont know if I havent had real good home cooked food or it was just really delicious food, but either way it was great! And they had lots of fruit and it was the best tasting fruit ever! My Branch President has hair down to his waist that he puts in a pony tail and he has a big ol' beard, gotta love Alaska! I met three boys around my age from Wyoming, one of them is GORGEOUS! And I also met Jake and Julie Atkinson, He grew up in Riverton and played soccer with my brother and his mom and my mom  are good friends! It is such a small world! Anyway, it was a really good day! I love the church! The best part of the day was the feeling of the spirit and comfort I felt. Since I moved here, everything and I mean EVERYTHING is different. My job, my lifestyle, my living situation, everything, and even though the church building was different and the people were different it was all so familiar and it was the best feeling I have had this whole time! The church is true no matter where you go. 
Well, then today I saw the moose and that was about the extent of my excitement!! Sorry no new pictures. I take my camera everywhere, but I just havent taken any photos in awhile. I will try and be more diligent! Love you all! 

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Breakdown....

Okay Okay, I made it 11 days, we all knew it was inevitable, and it happened. Yesterday, I had my breakdown. I think that the bright and shiny newness of the adventure and being somewhere incredible wore off and I was very aware of all the people and things I am missing. It was the toughest day so far and it was filled with lots of self pity and tears. BUT, today is a different day, The Smile is back and I am being happy and optimistic! Well there is so much I have to update you all on. First things hideous uniform! I feel like a or a freakin penguin, whatever, either way its disgusting.

This is more scenery, but actually you wouldnt believe that the time when I took this picture was almost 11 0'clock at night! Its so crazy adjusting to the light here. Its definitly not hard for me to sleep through though! Its only dark from about 11:30pm to about 4:00am and I hear that it only gets shorter!
That is one of the restaurants (FYI I just had the hardest time with spelling that blasted word, I am losing my mind and my spelling skills! Seriously I had to look it up on the internet! pathetic) Anyway, this is one of the RESTAURANTS of the Hotel. People ride a tram up to the Seven Glaciers and eat and enjoy the amazing view! Hopefully I can get up there so I can show you all just how far it is, this picture doesnt do it justice.
Just let it happen, I look cool and I have cool hair. I was very, VERY bored.
I have cool wings! Haha, anyway back to Alaska. So I now have a PO BOX! Woo hoo! So if you feel so inclined to send me a letter, card, chocolates, a good book, yourself because I miss you all so much! JK dont send anything, but I now am reachable in Girdwood. Also, I am legal to serve alcohol in the state of Alaska, I have a cool little card that certifies me too! It was the most boring 2 hours of my life!! I felt stupid though because everyone was swapping drunk stories and I just sat there. It was neat. 
Here is a paragraph about some of the few people I have met and work with, they are so interesting!
Chantel - she has been my trainer mostly and she is 4'11" so I told her she is my substitute for Cami while I am here. Even if she is like 25 years older than Cami. She is my short person.
Maribel - She is a doll! I work with her and she is just a young mexican mother, she is a sweet heart.
Paulette - She is my roommate who has no teeth, bottle cap glasses, smokes non stop, she loves me and always wants to hang out with me and sadly I cant stand her! She drives me crazy, but you always gotta have one of those roommates!
Aide - my room roommate, she is 53 and it is so funny! I thought she was like this innocent sweet lady, but she makes fun of Paulette! Not in a mean way, but just makes fun of her little quirks and it is just really funny to watch her mimic Paulette. Also she is LDS.
Tyson - oh he is crazy! He is like 30 something and  he has gout. He is so sad that he now has to limit his beer and meat intake, also he is so worried that the government has these aliens that are going to take over or whatever, he is so nuts! 
Willie - he is the resident creepy old philapino man, his favorite line is "Hannah, you need a sugar daddy?" "No Willie, I'm good right now," "Okay Hannah, I will wait." Its all in good spirits though. 
Courtney - Just met her today and LOVE her! She is fun and we get along. She swears like a sailor!!! 
Anyway, that is just a glimpse of the few interesting people I have come in contact with.
K guys, I think that is it for now. Keep in touch and there should be more to come! 

Friday, May 23, 2008


Okay, of course I have more of Alaska to share with you, but as of 2 minutes ago, I finished reading The Host and WOW, WOW!!!! Its been awhile since I have honestly been "moved" by a book. I dont know why. Maybe its my longing for home, my family, my friends, those things familiar to me, and that "some one special" who has yet to appear in my life (and he better freakin hurry up, JK) that has me so worked up over this book! I will admit it was slow and dragging in the middle, it was good, but I would sometimes get bored. The last half of the book, even just the last 5 chapters are so....................gut-wrenchingly-honest are the only words that come to my mind! I was literally crying for the losses and the sacrifices made; I was laughing out loud at the joy, fulfillment and hope of the characters! What the freak Stephenie Meyer?!?! She has made these fictional characters mean something to me and made me feel everything they were feeling! Either I am crazy or she is one hell of a writer! Or both who knows. ;) Anyway, READ THIS BOOK! I promise you, it makes you think of those who are near and dear to your hearts and evaluate your relationships with them. I really dont know if this is just my reaction to being so far away from those people I love or if this book really is just THAT great! Please when you finish reading it tell me what you think! Oh my gosh its Amazing! Okay I am done.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My first trip to downtown Girdwood

Me waiting for the bus to pick me up on the side of the road. I am totally chubby.
Downtown main street of Girdwood. Its quite the happenin' place!
The Merchantile Store of Girdwood 

Okay, so I have been here 5 days and still no sightings of a bear! This slightly disappoints me, but I still have all summer. It is so weird to think that I am going to be here for a whole summer because so far it just seems like a vacation. I seriously feel like I am camping in a really nice KOA. But besides that, Saturday was my first day, and OH what a day! I started at 6:30 in the morning, which isnt that bad, the walk to work had me more nervous than my actual first day. Seeing as how it was freezing and no one else was out and that despite the fact I really really wanna see a real live bear, I didnt want it to happen while I was by myself early in the morning. But all was well. So they decided to train me in Room Service first because they are short staffed. Seriously room service is so gay. Its for lazy people who dont want to leave their rooms to eat, which if I had the money, I would take full advantage of! But still, I think it is stupid. But as they say, dont shoot a lame horse in the mouth, actually I dont know what the phrase is, but I wanted to say something profound. I was praying everytime I went to a room that they would at least be somewhat covered so I didnt see any naked people. So far so good. I like doing room service though because, for those of you who know me well, know that car washes and elevators are just about the most fun things I love to do! So I get to ride the elevator all day! Its sort of hard getting used to the kitchen and knowing where things are and how to make them, but I try and help out as much as I can so I dont look like a loser.  I wanted to write about my first day that day, but I was so tired and I had a really bad headache so to my bed I went.
Today is my day off and I was extremely bored and decided to ride into town! Just the thought of riding the bus was scaring me! I think I have a little bit of some sort of some disorder because its not hard to ride the bus, but i was all worried about finding the bus stop and then if I was going to miss the bus. My anxiety level has definitely increased here. But either way the bus ride was good and it was nice to get out of my apartment and the hotel. 
One thing I noticed while I was in town, EVERYONE has their dog with them! It was my first time having nostalgia here for my dog Emily, no offense to any one else. But I miss her dearly. 
I walk everywhere here. To work, from work, at work, around the area, around town. and I have no choice really because I have no car. This is the first time that I havent had a car and it SUCKS!! But I am sure I will be grateful for the experience and yada yada all the feel good stuff, but since I walk everywhere Maybe, just maybe (crossing fingers AND toes, and holding my lucky rabbits foot) I just might lose some weight, but we will see. Then I wont look so appetizing if I come across a bear!
I have been reading THE HOST in my very large amount of spare time, so if anyone else is reading it I wanna know what you think of it. Anyway, SO long and I still have to get a picture of my hideous uniform so you can all see it.  Later!