Monday, May 26, 2008

The Breakdown....

Okay Okay, I made it 11 days, we all knew it was inevitable, and it happened. Yesterday, I had my breakdown. I think that the bright and shiny newness of the adventure and being somewhere incredible wore off and I was very aware of all the people and things I am missing. It was the toughest day so far and it was filled with lots of self pity and tears. BUT, today is a different day, The Smile is back and I am being happy and optimistic! Well there is so much I have to update you all on. First things hideous uniform! I feel like a or a freakin penguin, whatever, either way its disgusting.

This is more scenery, but actually you wouldnt believe that the time when I took this picture was almost 11 0'clock at night! Its so crazy adjusting to the light here. Its definitly not hard for me to sleep through though! Its only dark from about 11:30pm to about 4:00am and I hear that it only gets shorter!
That is one of the restaurants (FYI I just had the hardest time with spelling that blasted word, I am losing my mind and my spelling skills! Seriously I had to look it up on the internet! pathetic) Anyway, this is one of the RESTAURANTS of the Hotel. People ride a tram up to the Seven Glaciers and eat and enjoy the amazing view! Hopefully I can get up there so I can show you all just how far it is, this picture doesnt do it justice.
Just let it happen, I look cool and I have cool hair. I was very, VERY bored.
I have cool wings! Haha, anyway back to Alaska. So I now have a PO BOX! Woo hoo! So if you feel so inclined to send me a letter, card, chocolates, a good book, yourself because I miss you all so much! JK dont send anything, but I now am reachable in Girdwood. Also, I am legal to serve alcohol in the state of Alaska, I have a cool little card that certifies me too! It was the most boring 2 hours of my life!! I felt stupid though because everyone was swapping drunk stories and I just sat there. It was neat. 
Here is a paragraph about some of the few people I have met and work with, they are so interesting!
Chantel - she has been my trainer mostly and she is 4'11" so I told her she is my substitute for Cami while I am here. Even if she is like 25 years older than Cami. She is my short person.
Maribel - She is a doll! I work with her and she is just a young mexican mother, she is a sweet heart.
Paulette - She is my roommate who has no teeth, bottle cap glasses, smokes non stop, she loves me and always wants to hang out with me and sadly I cant stand her! She drives me crazy, but you always gotta have one of those roommates!
Aide - my room roommate, she is 53 and it is so funny! I thought she was like this innocent sweet lady, but she makes fun of Paulette! Not in a mean way, but just makes fun of her little quirks and it is just really funny to watch her mimic Paulette. Also she is LDS.
Tyson - oh he is crazy! He is like 30 something and  he has gout. He is so sad that he now has to limit his beer and meat intake, also he is so worried that the government has these aliens that are going to take over or whatever, he is so nuts! 
Willie - he is the resident creepy old philapino man, his favorite line is "Hannah, you need a sugar daddy?" "No Willie, I'm good right now," "Okay Hannah, I will wait." Its all in good spirits though. 
Courtney - Just met her today and LOVE her! She is fun and we get along. She swears like a sailor!!! 
Anyway, that is just a glimpse of the few interesting people I have come in contact with.
K guys, I think that is it for now. Keep in touch and there should be more to come! 

Friday, May 23, 2008


Okay, of course I have more of Alaska to share with you, but as of 2 minutes ago, I finished reading The Host and WOW, WOW!!!! Its been awhile since I have honestly been "moved" by a book. I dont know why. Maybe its my longing for home, my family, my friends, those things familiar to me, and that "some one special" who has yet to appear in my life (and he better freakin hurry up, JK) that has me so worked up over this book! I will admit it was slow and dragging in the middle, it was good, but I would sometimes get bored. The last half of the book, even just the last 5 chapters are so....................gut-wrenchingly-honest are the only words that come to my mind! I was literally crying for the losses and the sacrifices made; I was laughing out loud at the joy, fulfillment and hope of the characters! What the freak Stephenie Meyer?!?! She has made these fictional characters mean something to me and made me feel everything they were feeling! Either I am crazy or she is one hell of a writer! Or both who knows. ;) Anyway, READ THIS BOOK! I promise you, it makes you think of those who are near and dear to your hearts and evaluate your relationships with them. I really dont know if this is just my reaction to being so far away from those people I love or if this book really is just THAT great! Please when you finish reading it tell me what you think! Oh my gosh its Amazing! Okay I am done.

Monday, May 19, 2008

My first trip to downtown Girdwood

Me waiting for the bus to pick me up on the side of the road. I am totally chubby.
Downtown main street of Girdwood. Its quite the happenin' place!
The Merchantile Store of Girdwood 

Okay, so I have been here 5 days and still no sightings of a bear! This slightly disappoints me, but I still have all summer. It is so weird to think that I am going to be here for a whole summer because so far it just seems like a vacation. I seriously feel like I am camping in a really nice KOA. But besides that, Saturday was my first day, and OH what a day! I started at 6:30 in the morning, which isnt that bad, the walk to work had me more nervous than my actual first day. Seeing as how it was freezing and no one else was out and that despite the fact I really really wanna see a real live bear, I didnt want it to happen while I was by myself early in the morning. But all was well. So they decided to train me in Room Service first because they are short staffed. Seriously room service is so gay. Its for lazy people who dont want to leave their rooms to eat, which if I had the money, I would take full advantage of! But still, I think it is stupid. But as they say, dont shoot a lame horse in the mouth, actually I dont know what the phrase is, but I wanted to say something profound. I was praying everytime I went to a room that they would at least be somewhat covered so I didnt see any naked people. So far so good. I like doing room service though because, for those of you who know me well, know that car washes and elevators are just about the most fun things I love to do! So I get to ride the elevator all day! Its sort of hard getting used to the kitchen and knowing where things are and how to make them, but I try and help out as much as I can so I dont look like a loser.  I wanted to write about my first day that day, but I was so tired and I had a really bad headache so to my bed I went.
Today is my day off and I was extremely bored and decided to ride into town! Just the thought of riding the bus was scaring me! I think I have a little bit of some sort of some disorder because its not hard to ride the bus, but i was all worried about finding the bus stop and then if I was going to miss the bus. My anxiety level has definitely increased here. But either way the bus ride was good and it was nice to get out of my apartment and the hotel. 
One thing I noticed while I was in town, EVERYONE has their dog with them! It was my first time having nostalgia here for my dog Emily, no offense to any one else. But I miss her dearly. 
I walk everywhere here. To work, from work, at work, around the area, around town. and I have no choice really because I have no car. This is the first time that I havent had a car and it SUCKS!! But I am sure I will be grateful for the experience and yada yada all the feel good stuff, but since I walk everywhere Maybe, just maybe (crossing fingers AND toes, and holding my lucky rabbits foot) I just might lose some weight, but we will see. Then I wont look so appetizing if I come across a bear!
I have been reading THE HOST in my very large amount of spare time, so if anyone else is reading it I wanna know what you think of it. Anyway, SO long and I still have to get a picture of my hideous uniform so you can all see it.  Later!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I am FINALLY here!

So all the stress, worrying, anxiety is all in the past, oh wait,  just kidding! But I am finally here, that part is over with, and surprisingly I have been okay, it is my second day and no break down yet! Haha, but seriously let me tell you about the great airports I visited - here is the descriptive itinerary for you!
I left SLC at 10pm on tuesday night, I was panicking, but holding the tears at bay. My first flight was to Las Vegas. I think my flight attendant was on crack, she was out of control! Anyway, it was quick and I got to have the row to myself. 
Las Vegas Airport is NUTS! People are weird! There was this young John Lennon look alike that with diamond shaped glasses who was sitting next to me, talking to his friend about vegan marshmallows! What the Freak! Anyway, then they proceeded to argue over the price/taste/quality, meanwhile I was eyeing the slot machines wanting to try one, but I was too scared to look like an idiot not knowing how to work one! So I said to farewell to my short stay in Vegas airport at midnight and proceeded to Seattle, where I was quite sleepless.......Haha. Anyway, on the flight there I again had the whole row to myself so I laid down and tried to sleep. I couldnt sleep because there was this lady close by me that kept making these loud moaning noises and talking in her sleep, I was wondering when the flippin flight attendant was gonna go wake her up and tell her to shut up so the rest of us could sleep. Just about then the flight attendant came and tapped me........yes I was loud annoying person. I was sooo embarrassed! I rarely talk in my sleep, but I think all the stress and nerves triggered something in me, either way it was mortifying. I didnt sleep the rest of the time. We got to Seattle about 2:40am, where I wanted to sleep but couldnt really, and plus, I was worried about the previous event happening again. So I went to my gate where a few others had taken camp. I settled on down and waited to 6:00am to board the flight. We didnt leave till about 6:30 because of "mechanical difficulties". Okay, here is the deal, you do not tell people that are about to fly over mountains and wilderness, that their plane is delayed for "mechanical difficulties!" Flashes of LOST and the movie ALIVE went through my head. Anyway, I sat next to a nice fisherman who told me a few stories about fishing......I fell asleep while he was talking to me, that was pretty stupid. Anyway, I slept the majority of the time, but with frequent checks of waking up to make sure that I wasnt making crazy noises. We arrived in Alaska at just after 9am.
I was so happy to finally be here after a full night of traveling. A nice girl named Jaimie from the resort, she is actually my boss come to find out, picked me up and we went to get something to eat. Not to mention, but I started my freaking period the night before So I had to make her stop and get tampons. The drive from Anchorage to Girdwood is absolutely Amazing! There are mountains on one side and the ocean is on the other and beyond the ocean is more mountains. It was Beautiful! I will have to get pictures sometime. Anyway, we came to the Alyeska resort and I went in to get my paper work and everything taken care of. Then I came to my apartment where I came to find out I live with 2 women over the age of 50!! What the hell! Anyway, I didnt know whether to laugh or cry so I just went with it. Aide is my roommate and she is mexican. She is mormon and was so happy to find out that I was mormon too! This morning she spent an hour telling me about her family and her life and just everything, I cant understand her all the time, but most of it I can pick out. Paulette is another story, thank goodness I am not her roommate, she is messy! And I mean messy! And she looks like a fish. For those of you who have heard stories of my first roommate Kammi at Snow, this her in about 30 years. Oh well, She is nice and she has given me some really helpful information about how to get around and stuff. I love her glasses though they are about 1/2 and inch thick and about a fist-size around totally bottle cap glasses that make her eyes pop out and look huge!! OH I wish you guys could see this! I will try and get pictures with out making it look like I am creepy. Anyway, I am enjoying it so far. I fell asleep at 6pm last night and didnt wake up till 5am this morning then slept till about 11:30am- Wow jet lag is real! 
Anyway, It has been good so far and there is no sign of a breakdown moment yet. I dont know when I start work because I have to wait for the drug test which I did yesterday. So for now I am just busy moving in and getting things in order, if you are still reading this I am sorry it is so long!! There will be more to come!

First day in Alaska

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Start of Something New!

Okay so for all of you who dont know, I AM GOING TO ALASKA!! *cheering* It has been planned for some months now and though it didnt become a REAL decision until about a month ago, it has seemed to be a good idea, so far.....
There have been more than a few bumps along the way to getting there. And by bumps I dont mean little speed bumps, I mean huge gaping pot holes that almost completely total your car....metaphorically speaking. Anyway, here is the long and short of it...
I originally planned to go with my friend Cami, then we got another girl Jean on board, then Jessi. The four of us were going to have a spectacular summer....then Cami (because of school reasons) and Jean(who knows why) couldnt go, so then there were two, me and Jessi. At least I would have someone :) Right? Wrong.....As of yesterday she is now engaged and staying home to plan the blessed event. As happy as I am for her.......I want to shoot myself! The stress is overwhelming and I dont know if I can hack it on my own. I am going to somewhere completely foreign to me and I will only have myself and the Lord to rely on, in a new job that I have NO, absolutely no, experience in.....waitressing. Not to mention a dont understand airports and I have two stops on my way to Alaska! I am freaking out! Its all gone to hell!
But, even though this has proved to be the hardest, most frustrating decision I have ever made and still have yet to experience, I know I am supposed to go. Bottom line. I have fasted and prayed about this multiple times and I know that for some distorted reason the Lord wants me in Alaska even though I have doubted quite a few times. The second time I was fasting about it I was watching TV and a commercial came on featuring this beautiful mountain range landscape and the voice over said "Come to Alaska!" No joke. So I think the Lord is sick of beating me over the head and telling me to rely on faith rather than fear.
Okay enough testimony for one blog. If you are reading this right now, my deepest condolences. But thank you. Keep in touch and check back for more updates on Alaska!!
Lets all hope I dont get eaten by a bear! :)