Sunday, June 29, 2008

OH the places you'll go! -Dr. Suess

Ah yes, here I am back again to the wonderful world of blogging! I have been really busy, which has been a first since being here because since I didnt have any friends all my free time was spent with my computer or books. Anyway, As you can tell I posted what pictures I had of the wedding. Jeremy took like 400 and when I get the CD I will post a bunch so you guys can see them all, there are some good ones! Well, Going home was really good for me. It gave me a break from Alaska, not that I am not enjoying here, but it just gave me a little reprieve so I could see my family and friends and not feel so homesick. Cassie looked absolutely amazing! She was happy and even though Cassie's natural tendency when she is stressed is to shut down and not talk to anyone, if she was stressed she didnt show it! She was excited and beautiful! I love her so much and I am so happy for her and Joseph. He is perfect for her and they are great together! Joseph's family is great as well! I got to meet a few of them the night before and I made them all race while making the fruit kabobs and they joined right in. Cassie is lucky to have them in Arizona because I am going to miss her dearly. Now that she is married I have come the realization that I am not hardly going to see her as often! OH well, thats life. The Temple was hot, the luncheon was hot and the reception was hot! I am used to the 50-75 degree weather I have daily here and not the scorching 95-100 degrees that it was while I was in Utah. Vomit! I came back with a sunburn, which was actually kinda nice, made me feel like I had actually been on vacation!
While I was home I decided to do something different with my hair, so I chose highlights since chopping my hair is out of the question! I love it! And if you look down in the photos below you can see what it looks like. Cassie was mortified that I did it and her excuse was exactly this, "Well you have virgin hair, so you can donate it. Why would you color it?" This was my response to her. A)Been there, done that, already donated my hair once and it made three wigs, so there, I made up for a few years with that. B) Well, everything else is virgin, I guess I gotta start desecrating with something! Okay well, please dont take offense to that one, just blame my family for my sense of humor. Joke! Love them! 
Anyway, I sang and played the mandolin at the wedding luncheon, made a fool of myself in fact, but all was well and forgotten by the reception. Which brings me to my next point. Remind me not to invite my mother to my wedding! Just kidding, but she had a moment of freak out, which was validated, but man oh man I just hope I have a calm, cool, relaxing wedding. Anyway, all jokes aside, the reception was beautiful and went well thanks to many, MANY hands, especially Pam and Amber Sorensen who basically decorated the back yard, and an ENORMOUS thanks to the Mickelsens who took pity on us and let us use their backyard for the reception! Which again brings me to my next point, The DJ. (lets all take a minute and swoon) Alright back on our feet. My goodness he was dreamy! And I made a point of telling my brother. Bad idea number ........well, I dont know what number, but it was a bad idea. Anyway,  as the night wore on and I got crazier, my brother took it upon himself to go ask the DJ if he would dance with me, OF COURSE the DJ politely declined saying that he had a weight limit with people he danced with......JUST KIDDING! But he did decline with the excuse that he has a serious girlfriend....whatever Mr. DJ, just put a record on, I wanna dance with my baby (thank you Madonna). Speaking of dancing, what a night! Basically just my family danced, but it was amazing! I love to just get out and get crazy, which I did and made a fool of myself, but oh well! Even my Grandma got out and danced! It was quite the night. The Divas made their appearance as well, I can only dream to one day aspire to be a Diva! HAha! 
Well, finally the night was over and the next day I was able to meet with some friends before I left which was great! I really have the bestest friends ever. All of them! I love them so much! 
Now for the flights back to Alaska! The flights to Utah were unentertaining except for the dog that whined the whole flight basically, but I had more patience for that than most, I wonder why? JK. But I flew from SLC to Las Vegas where I met these two Japanese boys who invited me to stay in Las Vegas and hang out with them, OH it was funny, but I politely declined. It was kinda awkward too. Anyway, I was so tired and I didnt want to sleep on the 5 hour flight to Alaska because I had a cold and so I didnt want to snore, its a weird fear issue I have, okay. Just let me be obsessive for a bit. Anyway, So I drank 2 energy drinks to help me stay awake. Not to mention I had to pee every 5 stinking minutes and I still ended up falling asleep, whatever. But thats getting ahead of myself. As I was walking to my terminal to leave for Alaska a huge herd of children about the age of 10 passed me. I am talking like 50-60 kids. In my head I said, and I quote myself, "Sucks to be anyone who has to fly with them." Yep, karma sucks! I went on tour once in high school with about 100 kids from school and I was annoyed on the plane with kids that I knew, so you can imagine how much I was hating my life on this flight. They kicked my seat and yelled and laughed. It was awful. Luckily the girl who sat next to me was about my age and we just commiserated together in hate for the young children. BUT it gets better! I have to back up a bit though, So while we were boarding there was this passenger at the front desk area and he looked like "The Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld. Seriously! Anyway, He was having a fit about something with the boarding attendant and was yelling about something. So ya I already had it in my head that these kids were not going to help his blood pressure. So mid flight the kids had gotten to their peak of boredom so of course they are doing everything annoying as possible and Soup Nazi guy gets up and yells, "Sit down and shut up you kids! There are other people on this flight besides you!" and slowly the kids sat down and quieted and some old guy in the front of the plane started clapping! I couldnt help but smother my laugh! I was dying! But not 20 minutes later the kids were back being annoying, but at a lower level. Well, I made it safely back to Girdwood and I didnt realize but I kinda missed it! I guess that is good right? Well, I have more I want to write but my hands are tired. So goodnight and so long and Next time I will write about the boys, I mean men, here....what a post to look forward to! JK. Love ya!

The night before the wedding, the temple and a few friends from Alaska! Yes I know, random.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Back in the Saddle Again

Well, I am back in Alaska now, :( But its okay because now I am another month closer to coming back for good and it was a good break! So I will write another post about the wedding and flights and so on, because there are some good ones, but I dont have the time really today. 
As with all vacations, soon as you are home, the work begins! This morning was crazy, first they needed me to come in early (5:30am, yes it sucks) Which I didnt find out till I woke up at 5:20, yes neat. Anyway, throughout the busy morning I opened an orange juice carton and just kept pouring myself a small glass of orange juice. Well, because I was busy and not really paying attention to how much I was drinking, it wasnt until the last few drops dripped out into my cup that I realized I had drank the whole carton, it was a half gallon. Needless to say I am suffering the consequences.............and if you dont know what those consequences are, go drink a half gallon of orange juice and find out yourself. 
I cut and highlighted my hair!! Its a little crazy and bold of me, but I REALLY like it! I will take a picture and post it. Well, word homies and peace out, I gotta go fight bears!

Oh and PS: 39 days and still NO sighting of a bear. Where's Yogi when ya need him?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Free food!

Okay so last night the hotel had set up for all of room service to go up and eat at the Seven Glaciers restaurant on them! We were all totally excited because this is like 5 star restaurant quality food! So four of my other coworkers went on monday and they all said it was so amazing! My excitement level jumped ten levels! So the big night came and I got all dressed up! I think it was the first time I have really gotten ready here, well besides for church. But anyway, So we met up at the room service area, where you see the one  picture of all us girls. Then we went to the tram and rode it up the mountain, it was so neat! Apparently this tram was the steepest tram in the US. Pretty cool! So the ride up was great. We got there and they sat us in their "prime seating location" which wasnt a lie because we could see everything! They really hooked us up big time, I can definitely see that there are some perks from working here. So we sat down and they told us we could each order an appetizer, soup, salad, entree, and dessert! The only thing we had to pay for was the liquor, which obviously I wasnt worried about needing to pay for! 
I went up with Chantel, Nicole, and Paul. Okay, so you know in movies when the people go to this fancy schmancy restaurant and everything is clean and perfect and extremely wealthy looking, ya well this is the kinda place it was. I mean seriously I am a mop-up-my-gravy-with-bread-and-whatever-is-left-on-my-plate kinda person, I was totally out of my element. I even had to do the whole "start from the outside in" with the silverwear! Hello! Never went to etiquette school. So first they brought out the wine, they all wanted to try the red wine, and I just stuck to my water, even though they poured me a glass. Which you can see in the photo of us at the table, so no I didnt drink, but everyone else did and my goodness did Chantel and Nicole get drunk! It was so funny! But after that they brought out the apppetizers and I had the King Crab Cocktail thing....WOW it was so good, and seriously looking at it, there was no way I would have ever wanted to try it, but I did and it was delicious!!! It even had this coleslaw type stuff with it and I hate coleslaw, but I ate it all! We all swapped and they were all amazing. Next was the soup........this was the best of anything......and I mean.....Anything, I have ever tasted in my entire lifetime, And believe me, I love food!! It was some sort of Bisque, and I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life it was INCREDIBLE! Next, was the salad and I had a ceaser, honestly nothing to shout about, but it was still good. After that was finally the Entree and I had the Free Range Chicken, and it was SPECTACULAR! I tried the others King Crab and that was amazing as well. So of course last but not least, we ordered dessert. I had the Baked Alyeska, it is our number one dessert and after serving it to tons of people and drooling over it, I finally wanted to taste it, it was sooo mouthwatering delicious it is the little ball of ice cream covered in chocolate, then surrounded by chocolate mouse and all that is on top of a small brownie. To top it off, the entire thing is covered in merange so it looks like this little cloud of heaven......I could have died right then and been the happiest person in the world! Even though everything was, like as I said before about the super fancy restaurant, the servings were all very small, but thats all we needed to taste it, and the fact that we had something of everything, we were so full by the end. Our total bill came to almost $450!!! Good thing we werent paying! Well, enough of my love affair with the food. As for the drinkers, Paul really didnt drink that much because he had to drive, but Nicole and Chantell just kept drinking, and they got so drunk. Wow, drunk people are so funny! Chantell was snorting and laughing at everything which was making me laugh even harder! Oh they were killing me! It was so much fun and the entire night was great! I was able to get out with some people and do something fun! I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Seriously I wish you all could have been here to try it!! 

A Night on the Town!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I have a pet squirrel!

This is true, as of yesterday I know have a pet baby squirrel! And his name is Nutso, I know real original! Haha, okay so before everyone has a fit, and thinks the crazy animal lover has crossed the line, its really not THAT true. Yesterday while I was walking home, this little squirrel was up ahead looking for some food in the gravel, normal. So I kept walking because as we all know, squirrels run away when a huge human approaches, But this squirrel could have cared less that I was walking right up to him, not normal. He continued to sift through his gravel even though I was a foot away from him. Now keep in mind he looks very young so the poor child probably didnt know better, or he was being a rebellious teenager, not sure....okay I will stop comparing the animal to humans. So I continue walking, I turn around just to have one look at the cute little baby squirrel and lo and behold, he is following me! He ran right up to my foot and sniffed it. At this point I was worried he was gonna climb my leg and eat my face. So a slowly backed away and continued walking, and so did he, though he ran because he is small. He followed me all the way to my stairs which he cant really climb because they are grates. Anyway, he sniffed around and then went around the corner. Seriously just call me the squirrel whisperer. Haha, Just kidding, but it was a funny weird experience. 
Now if I believed in reincarnation I would probably think it was some dead relative trying to connect with me, but squirrels are just squirrels and Nutso is now my friend! Here are some pictures, and NO I didnt try to pick him up mother, dont worry! :)
I am telling you, he was tiny! Anyway, Thats all for now!
OH wait! I got a new roommate! Thank the heavens and the stars, because she is younger like 22-25ish, dont know yet, but her name is Danni and she is pretty cool, though I think she hates being Paula's roommate, which makes her even cooler. I just feel bad she has to deal with her. Anyway, She is doing an externship for being a cook, she went to culinary school and everything so thats pretty neat! Anyway, love you all and have a good one! I seriously love you guys! 

PS only 10-11ish more days till I am home for Cassie's big wedding! Cant wait to see you all!

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Moose, Church, and the puking episode!

Okay, So there is a lot to catch everyone up on!! Well, lets start with the fact that I saw MOOSE today!!! It was sooo great! I was on the bus headed down to town and just down one of the streets we passed there were two young calves in the street and their huge mother was just on the side of the street! OH it just made my day! Not only did I just see a moose, but I saw babies! OH what a day! 
Anyway, back to the agenda. Starting with last week. So I have been semi quiet because there isnt much for me to talk about when I am at work, but the other day Tyson (the one who is worried the government has aliens) was talking about getting a dog and I told him that I knew "a little bit" about dogs and that I used to work at a vet clinic. Well, he started asking all these questions about dogs and I could not shut up! I was out of control! It was like word vomit about dogs....oh well. He said "Geez Hannah this is the most I have heard you talk!" I just smiled and nodded and mentally slapped myself. But it was nice, because for ONCE in my life, someone was actually interested in my useless pathetic dog knowledge. 
Well, so one night it was word vomit and then it was real vomit! Okay, so saturday night I had the worst headache. It was one of those nights where everything is awful and takes ten times longer than usual just because you are feeling terrible, well I had finally got everything finished and Tyson was just finishing the paper work and I knew I was gonna puke! But I didnt want to puke in front of him. I asked if he could leave and basically ran to the elevator. I was hoping I could just make it down to the next floor, but soon as the doors closed in the elevator, I lost it and puked in my hands. IT WAS AWFUL!! And totally embarrassing! It was seriously the worst night ever. Oh geez!
So after a good nights rest I felt better and I went to the church the next morning. The branch meets in a little catholic community center right behind where I live so its great because it just takes 1 minute to walk there. So I walked in and went and sat down, right away this older lady came and talked to me. It felt so good, there was only 28 people there and that is with 6 visitors. The regular branch members were on cloud 9 with excitement that there were so many people there! It was funny! It was fast sunday and so right after testimonies we went downstairs and ate food! So it was just a big linger longer, and the food was delicious! I dont know if I havent had real good home cooked food or it was just really delicious food, but either way it was great! And they had lots of fruit and it was the best tasting fruit ever! My Branch President has hair down to his waist that he puts in a pony tail and he has a big ol' beard, gotta love Alaska! I met three boys around my age from Wyoming, one of them is GORGEOUS! And I also met Jake and Julie Atkinson, He grew up in Riverton and played soccer with my brother and his mom and my mom  are good friends! It is such a small world! Anyway, it was a really good day! I love the church! The best part of the day was the feeling of the spirit and comfort I felt. Since I moved here, everything and I mean EVERYTHING is different. My job, my lifestyle, my living situation, everything, and even though the church building was different and the people were different it was all so familiar and it was the best feeling I have had this whole time! The church is true no matter where you go. 
Well, then today I saw the moose and that was about the extent of my excitement!! Sorry no new pictures. I take my camera everywhere, but I just havent taken any photos in awhile. I will try and be more diligent! Love you all!