Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So did you hear about the girl from Utah that got attacked.....

Haha....well, I have been asked this a lot in the past week, both from home and from here. But No I didnt. Cooper Landing is like an hour or so South or maybe North from here, honestly I am not sure. But I do appreciate all the calls, texts and posts that you all showed me you were worried. Poor girl, She should have used the trap in the ground like I did.....okay that was a really bad joke and maybe only Karen will get it and some other skousens, but whatevs. So ya, everyone has asked me that in the past few days since she was from Logan and people know thats where I was living, they thought I might know her. But who knows, maybe one day I can swap bear stories stories with her. I know it wasnt Black Love that got her because he is a Black Bear and I think the one that tried to eat her was a Grizzly. 
As far as bears go, I have seen so many now! So much for wanting to see them in the first place, I just had to be patient. All the mama's and their cubs are out, I have yet to see cubs up close yet and I probably wont unless I want to end up like Logan Girl. The picture above is the type of bears I have been seeing. They are SO magnificent to see close up, but very scary too. And they have been having trouble with these 2 adolescent bears around employee housing where I live. Their mom got shot and so they have been hanging around because of the dumpster and there is a compost a little ways away so it is almost a daily thing for them to be around which is also kinda scary. But I am trying to be safe!
My computer charger broke last week so I havent had my computer for awhile and I cant even begin to tell you how happy I am to have it back. My link to reality! Jk, it was good for me though, it forced me to read Twilight once again, and I am still in love with Edward. It always takes me a few weeks to get through the first chapters, but once I get past them then I finish it in like a day. I cant wait for the new book, though I dont know if I am going to read the other ones before I read Breaking Dawn.....hmm...still contemplating that one. Anyway, Did I mention how much I love Edward?

So last sunday afternoon, I badgered Dani, the cool roommate, to go on this hike with me. She had already been on it multiple times, but I didnt want to go alone. So ya, I know I said that one of the reasons I came to Alaska, was to better "find myself" And I did find a part of myself that had been gone since I was a child. ADVENTUROUS HANNAH! Haha, but seriously I forgot just how much I LOVE hiking and exploring!! I havent really made time for it just because I was like "I'm chubby and lazy so I am not going to do it." But I did and it was so good and not even that tiring! I was like jumping around and just oooing and aaaahing at all the beauty around me, I dont know if it was a major endorphin high, seeing as I dont do hiking all the time, Lets not forget that I am chubby, as the photos can attest to! Anyway, I honestly can say that was probably the happiest I have been up here the whole time, was up in the mountains, next to the huge river, it was so astounding! I can see now why in movies you see the people chucking their cell phones into the rivers because they are so happy in the wild and they just want to get rid of society! Haha, dont hate for that. Its true and I didnt take my phone, but I just might have thrown it in I was that happy! 
We hiked to the Hand Tram. Pretty self explanatory but you basically pull yourself across this massive gorge of raging rushing water. I didnt go all the way across because their was a family waiting, but I needed to at least get my pictures on it. The other picture is of one of the young bears that keeps coming by my house. He was running away though. 
Anyway, I love ya! And I promise I will try and post more frequently now that I have my computer back.

PS Paula still hasnt killed me yet, but if you were able to watch the video that she was on please tell me what you think! Is she not scary beyond all reason?!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


"You don't have to worry anymore, I got my bear!" "She got her bear..." (though slightly altered, name that movie.)
Its official, I can come home now, I have seen my bear! So not only did I get to see 2 bears tonight, but you get a little sample of Paula!! What a grand day indeed!! 
So first off I saw one bear through the window of the hotel, the guests all had their noses pushed up against the glass and so I asked them what they were looking at, of course it was a bear and her cubs! So I looked through the binoculars and sure enough their was my bear. That just made my day! Everyone was rolling their eyes at me because I was to happy about seeing the bear, they kept calling me a "tourist" which was a title I proudly wore. So I finish the night on a high note and come home. I showered then decided to eat something and good ole Paula said she was going out for a smoke. Next thing I know she runs back in the house and says "Quick! Bear at the bottom of the steps!" You better believe I was up and out on that porch as fast as a chubby kid on cookies. HE WAS RIGHT THERE!!! He just kept looking at us like "What? So what I am a bear? Big Deal." Well, Mr. Bear, who I will call Black Love, it is a very big deal to me! I ran and got my camera, so by the time I got my camera and tried to take 2 unsuccessful pictures, he had gone quite a ways, so I opted with the recording which is even better because I was able to take advantage of the opportunity and film Paula, but the sound cuts out right before she talks!! So you don't get to hear her raspy man voice, though you see what I mean when I say she looks like a frog! Anyway, I was too excited not to share this with ya'll!! Hope you enjoy!

Okay so After 2 days of trying to get this video uploaded on Blogger it never freakin worked so here is the link to Myspace


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Indiana Jones, The Terminator, and the best show possibly ever!

Okay first and foremost, Yes I am still alive, Paula hasnt tried to kill me yet. She is still as weird as ever, but I am coping. So here are a few little updates and I will start witht he most important.
HARRISON FORD was here! And Calista Flockhart, but really who is more important......Ally Mcbeal or Indiana Jones? He got here last Sunday and was here until today........all I wanted was a glimpse of him......THATS ALL! But alas, Alaska has yet to bestow its mercy on me. First no bears, now no Indiana Jones and Co. Everyone got my hopes up because they were all saying "He is going to order room service so make sure your all prepared..." So I was totally pumped and I had worked out what I would say to him if I got the chance to serve him......but the stupid celebrity had to be all NORMAL and go down to the Restaurant and eat. Whatever Indiana...... My roommate Dani, the cool one, is a cook and she stays out on the buffet line and makes omelets for people that want them and so she got to make Harrison's Omelet! I hate her. Just kidding. And she got to see him at the pool. I on the other hand waited around, perused the hotel on my off time, I even walked by his room multiple times with Maribel and still nothing! Though I did touch his door. So there you have it. I touched Harrison Ford's door. Ya'll cant say that now can ya! I am not even THAT big of a fan of him, or her for that matter, but I just wanted the chance to say that I saw him, ya know, to have the one-upper on people when they would be like, "I saw the President of the US!" So I could be like, "Well, I saw Harrison Ford, so there." I have never seen so many people in such a whirlwind of excitement though. I dont think I have ever heard his name more than I have the last few days, seriously, that is all ANYONE was talking about. And most everyone got to see him, except me...... Anyway, so I am pretty bummed about the whole thing, but now he is gone, drove off into the mountains in a Hummer Jeep with the Indiana Jones theme music blasting while he cracked his whip......so long Mr Ford.  

Today, Mr Governor of California Arnold Schwarrzenegger is in da house! What What! Maybe I can hit him up for some weed. Just kidding everyone! Anyway, TWO celebrities in one week is too much for this little community to handle at one time. I am not even going to try and see Arnold, if it is meant to happen then it will. I was too let down by Indiana......Jk

Anyway, I finally bought my plane ticket home! Kinda sad though. I really can honestly say that as of right now I dont want to leave Alaska. I love it here, besides the psycho roommate, I could stay here for another year or so. I dont want to leave. Life is so peaceful and calming here. I rarely feel stressed and everything is just so evenly paced. Not to mention the constant beauty. I love it here. It will be hard leaving, I just wish you all could come here and then it would be perfect!

I have found the PERFECT reality show, move over American Idol, Big Brother, Survivor, The Biggest Loser and all those other wanna-bes. Greatest American Dog has now hit the tv circuit and I am in love with it!
Yes, you can make fun of me, and you can roll your eyes, but I am telling you! For dog lovers everywhere there isnt a better show! And truly only other dog people will understand why this show makes me so happy. It is really cheesy and gay, and some of the people are really annoying and too into their dogs but overall this show is amazing!  And not to mention, there are NO labs in the bunch! I cant tell you how happy that makes me! Not that I dont love labs, but I just am glad that they have a diversity of breeds on the show. There was this one quote from the old New Yorker with the Jack Russell on the show that was something like "we are all so different, but the one thing that has brought us together in commonality, is our bond and love with our dogs." Ya, thats not right, but it was along those lines and it is soo true! Its on thursdays at 7 so if you love dogs and want to see others who love them too totally tune in! Anyway, I am sure I will have a whole blog dedicated solely to the show. :)

Well, those are the big things I wanted to write about, but hopefully it wont be this long before I write again! Love you all!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A trip to the insane asylum and I didnt even have to leave home!

Okay, so first and for most. My roommate is beyond all reason, the weirdest, craziest (Crazy=creepy not crazy=fun) most psycho person. Yes I said it. Okay so to start out, for those of you who have read previous posts know who I am talking about, Paula. The 50 plus year old lady who has no teeth, huge glasses and smokes every 15 minutes. Now, this post is very judgemental, so think what you want but if you had to live with her, you would have no choice but to agree. So She writes in this notebook all the time, and I never thought about it until just the other day and I was curious about what she was writing. I assumed it was some sort of journal, but then again it could be her daily hit list, I dont know! Now keep in mind, she leaves it out, open, right on the counter, you know, that area that is usually everyones area in an apartment, so its not like I was really snooping, though I was. And as many of you know, once I have something in my head I am very curious and I want to know about it. And it drives me mad until I find it out, I'm curious, ya see (inside joke for Russ and Chris, though I doubt they read this.) Well, curiosity killed this cat! She is writing in it as if it were a journal, but yet it is laid out in like time increments and it follows the same pattern of what she writes about. Like every entry it she says how many text messages she sent out that day and when she showered and whether or not she washed her hair, and her sleeping pattern...........cue the freaking twilight zone music. I was totally unnerved because she had stuff written in there like "Hannah home at 11:30" and on another day, (yes, I flipped pages to see more) she wrote "Hannah was home 2 hours after her shift ended, I wonder where she was." Also, "Hannah has to be to work at 6:30 tomorrow so I hope she gets home soon." I dont ever tell her any of this stuff!!! WHAT THE FREAKING HECK!?!?! And believe me there was plenty of other crazy stuff in there. Even though I felt sick and unnerved it wasnt just me she wrote about, Aide and Danni are in it of course too. She writes about more feelings and situations she has with Danni where as me and Aide she writes about our schedules and what we do like "Hannah ate some dinner and then did the dishes around 9:45." Seriously, whack job! And I remember she would always get so mad because Aide would go in early to work and it would bug Paula so bad, though it was none of her business. Anyway, I didnt know what to do and I was all worked up so I called Amanda and there I was freaking out and they just laughed, but its okay because it kinda is funny, I mean, didnt I ask for an adventure? Well, this is turning out to be more of a Silence of the Lambs type of adventure versus "I'm gonna go have fun in Alaska" Adventure. After talking it out with Amanda and being chastised by my mother for looking at the notebook, (even though it is always left out, I mean, if you dont want anyone to read it, then put it away in you room) They said she may have some sort of OCD or something. Whatever it is, it bothers me. Now I do HONESTLY feel sorry for her, but its hard when she is so creepy, to be nice to her and be around her. I know you are all thinking I am a terrible person and that I need to grow up, but truly you dont understand, this lady is so weird! And to have her writing crazy stuff like that makes me even more weirded out. Anyway, after the initial adrenaline kick and a night or two to sleep on it, I do feel better. I still think she is crazy, but I still have 2 more months to live with her so I just got to buck up and deal with it! Ah, venting session over....I think.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Quote of the day

"Life is hard, after all, its what kills you. " - Katherine Hepburn. Word Katherine, I totally agree.