Friday, August 22, 2008

Surely you cant be serious?! I am serious and dont call me Shirley

Okay so time for an update. I have been so busy making plans to stay in Alaska that I have forgotten to keep you updated on my goings on. So the pictures, let me first explain those. The first few are of my friend Emily's Birthday. It was a themed party of Jungle, then it was Mexican, then it was Ninja, So people basically just showed up as whatever. I tried to incorporate everything, well, everything except the Mexican. So I was a panther and I wore a sword so I was a Ninja Jungle Cat! Totally lethal. Anyway, not many other people dressed up, pretty much only the people you see in the pictures, maybe one or two more. But it was a BLAST! Kavika can do those twirly Jungle sticks, but he lights them on fire and it is super cool, until he was drunk, then his coordination suffered and so he dropped it a lot. Oh well. Next is the dogs. I was having and awful day and just sitting contemplating how much life sucked and then this pack of local dogs were just running around. I thought it was the funniest thing so I took a picture of them, well, then they came over to me! So they sat and played around me which made my day! Seriously it went from being the worst day ever to being a really good day! Thanks Heavenly Father! Anyway, next photos. THe Sushi and the lobster. WOW!!! Okay so they have a japanese restaurant Teppanyaki in the hotel and it is sooooo good! Its actually one of the best places to get sushi in Alaska because everything they get and make is like within a day fresh! I even ate raw tuna and I didnt even notice, it was my favorite meal. Dani and I went there and it was fantastic. I had never had lobster before so that was a new experience. Good, but rubbery and alive looking and so it kinda freaked me out. The whole time I was pulling the meat out of his tail I kept waiting for him to turn and look at me and be like "HELLO!! I am cut in half the least you could do is quit pulling on my tail!!" But he didnt. That would have been really creepy.
So as for my plans to stay. Well, once I told the parents that I was bringing my dog and my truck up they had strokes, but recovered quickly enough to tell me that basically this was the worst decision of my life and that I couldnt do it. After some time and some hardcore convincing they are finally semi okay with it. I was surprised because I thought that the minute I told my mom that I was taking the dog from the house she would be packing my stuff for me. Anyway, still looking for an apartment and trying to make things work. Jar Jar thinks he is going to come up here with me so he can work before he goes on the mish. So we will see.
Aide moved to Anchorage to be with her daughter and grandkids and she has a good job there. So Dani moved in with me to escape the smell and terror of Paula. I miss Aide just because she is so funny and nice.
Dani leaves tomorrow. I am sad I will definitely miss her friendship. Her parents come tomorrow and then they are gonna go to the touristy traveling thing and then they are flying out in like a week or something. OH YEAH! She freaking got bit by a Brown Recluse spider! Well, at least thats what they think. Her leg was all swollen and red and the bite was just getting worse and worse so she went to the hospital and it is doing much better now. But I am slightly nervous because she sleeps right above me so if the spider bit her in my room then that little thing might be hiding somewhere......I feel all itchy now just thinking of it.
Paula is still here........the bane of my existence. I tried so hard not to let her know I was staying in Alaska, but she found out. Oh Well, I guess it was inevitable. She did say that she was really happy Dani was leaving but that she would miss me......damnit, Why?! I dont know. Crazy people are drawn to me I guess.
So yesterday I had to go in to work at 4:45am because we had this VIP Oil executive from Kuwait that wanted his effing breakfast in his room at 5:30am. His name was Al-Sultan so we all just called him the Sultan, I dont know if he really was. So I got there early did my shift, left at like 1:30pm. Well then one of my lovely co-workers called in sick. Keep in mind she always calls in sick and she only works like 2 times a week. Anyway, it was supposed to be really busy so I got called in. I worked another 4 hours. So hopefully between the 12 hours and the tips, I made some good mullah. Oh and I broke a total of 4 glass objects between the 2 shifts. I was definitely on a roll yesterday! Haha!
I sent my old job an email finally telling them that I am not coming back......still awaiting the call. I am so nervous, but I think it will be okay. If you dont hear from me in awhile it may be that they have tracked me down and killed me.
Anyway, Peace ya'll and call me. I get bored sometimes and I like to talk to people!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Looking for an apartment in Alaska?

Why yes, yes I am.......I have come to the decision that I am going to stay in Alaska for at least another yearish.......Kind of. I am like 90% sure. So ya!!! Big NEWS!! Not that any of ya'll care, but that is kind of a big thing. Anyway, I still have to find a place, but I have a roommate so that is good. I will be coming home mid september to pack up my stuff and get my truck and my dog then I will attempt the 5-6 day road trip up here! I am really excited!! So my little Alaskan Adventure is going to be extended. I still have to notify my old work at the Vet clinic, which has been my BIGGEST hang up on deciding whether or not to stay, but I have realized that I have to do what makes me most happy and right now.......staying in Alaska is what I want. This was a really hard decision, but in other ways it was really easy. I just feel good about staying, though it was really hard to weigh out all the other options back home and turn my back on some of my obligations, but in the end shouldn't being happy be my foremost concern rather than worrying about other people? I think so. My mom told me that I have to live my life for me, not for other people, which I think is very smart and I didnt realize that a lot of my decisions in life have kind of been based around other people rather than myself. Anyway, I have made the decision......So wish me luck and come visit me!!!! 
Back to my current situation.........I hate doubt about it. She gets weirder and weirder the longer I stay, maybe its my patience level that is wearing thin though instead. But either way she is still crazy! Aide moved out and moved to Anchorage to be with her daughter and so Dani moved into my room, which is cool. Its nice because we both have the same schedule most the time so it all works out. 
I know there were lots of other things I was planning on writing in here, but now I dont remember, so, wish me luck and I shall see you all in a month or so! Maybe we can have a big party or something to celebrate me leaving! Haha!