Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I wonder......I wander.....Yes I saw Aurora, not the Princess!

Just when I thought I was getting really homesick........

Okay so last night on the drive home from Anchorage, I saw for the very first time, the Aurora Borealis!!!! AKA the Northern Lights! I can honestly say it was one of the MOST amazing experiences in my life! This is not a picture I took, this is off the Internet, but this is kinda what I saw. I tried to take pictures but it was too dark so none of them worked out. We stopped right in by this pond/marsh area and beyond that was the mountains and right up above were the northern lights and the millions of stars. It is really hard to describe how incredibly humble it made me feel. There is no doubt in my mind that God does exist and that he used Alaska as his canvas to show off all the beautiful things our world has to offer! Anyway, it was pretty freakin awesome.
ALSO, another reason why Alaska freakin rocks, the other day while I was walking Rider (See below blog if you dont know who Rider is) and we were down by the river and even though the sun was shining, it was about 20 degrees. So here I was all bundled up, the sun was shining, walking by the river with a dog on a clear day........beautiful and relaxing, right? Well, it gets better, all of the sudden this ginormous Bald Eagle swoops down about 5 feet above my head, but across the river. He flew across the river and then perched in the trees right above me! It was spectacular!!! Good thing Rider isnt a small yappy dog otherwise the eagle, whom I have named Rogaine, would have swooped him up and eaten him for lunch. "Sorry your dog is gone Tyson, but it was a big eagle!" JK Anyway, So it sat in the tree. I tried, once again to take pictures, but my camera phone sucks so it just looks like a blob in some branches. Now it is not like I havent seen a bald eagle before, but it was just one of those Wow-this-is-why-I-am-in-Alaska Moments and it was unreal. I have come to the conclusion that everyone should AT LEAST visit Alaska. It is absolutely the most beautiful place in the entire world, hands down. Even the weeds are pretty. So put it on your 5 year plan chart, or even your ten year, whatever, but do it.
YAY ALASKA!!!! So as for being homesick, not really so much anymore. God is watching out for me. And I know some people have been praying for me too, so thank you!! Word ya'll!

Monday, October 27, 2008

24 more days!!!

I feel like it is December 1st. Because I only have 24 more days until the best day of my life! Not only am I going to be back in Utah, BUT i am going to see Twilight!!! Yay!!!

And yes its true, I already own, thanks to Amanda and her internet skills, a ticket to this blessed event.
Alrighty, so for an update, I dont know if I mentioned before but I love my new condo. But both me and Nicole are cheap and we decided we didnt want to pay for cable and so we didnt get it. Well now we are stuck with one crappy channel. Its CBS, not my favorite network ever. I only like CSI on it. So needless to say I have had my fill of Entertainment Tonight. Da na na na na na......... just imagine the song now. There is another channel that we get, but it is really blurry and one day I was bored and I was sick of watching ET so I tried to see if I could find something on this other channel. Its Alaska's equivolent to Utah's KUED, channel 7, you know, the channel you usually skip over because it has some childish/informative show on. Anyway, guess what show just happend to be playing "Sewing with Nancy" Yep you better believe it!

Now, give me a break, I am not trying to make fun or anything, but Come on! We only get one fuzzy channel in the first place and our other option is Sewing with Nancy!!! Oh well, serves us right for trying to be cheap. At least I have netflix and that is super cool. So instead of watching TV we watch movies!
So I am going to be home in 24 days and I can hardly wait!!! I had a really bad homesick day about 3 days ago, but I am over it now. I literally think I cried all day and I am not even joking. Thanks Wardle genes! But I am back to loving Alaska! Besides the fact that it has turned into one big ice cube. Everything is ICE!! I got some shoe things to wear that have studs on them so I dont slip and fall. But it is inevitably going to happen so just wait for the blog that I am sure is coming about slipping and falling. I think last winter I made it halfway through before I actually crashed and burned.
I have also started dog sitting my friends dog which is a HUGE help! I miss my little Emily SOOO SOOO SOO much and so to have a dog, even though it isnt my own, helps me feel better! The dog's name is Rider, but for some reason I keep calling him Tyson (Tyson is his owner) whenever he does something bad.......I hope I dont slip up in front of Tyson or he might not let me watch Rider anymore.
OH other big news! I have my computer back!!!! And it only cost me $150! Woo hoo! I did have to buy a new battery that cost me $140, and I bought an external harddrive for $88, so really it cost more than 150, but whatevs, it sounds better that way.
Well, now that I have my Mac-ie back I will load my pictures on here and show you guys what my Condo looks like, but that is for next time. Alrighty then, Ta ta for now!!

PS what should I be for Halloween?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ya would think I was preparing to hibernate!

Okay so it has been awhile and I miss my blog!!! So many stories to tell......Well, nothing better like the most recent!
So I work in Room Service about 3 days a week now and sometimes that is by myself and the other morning it was pretty busy for one person. To give a hopefully brief (but I am like my father so it probably wont be) explanation of how it works, Honestly I didnt know before I worked it. The people call in the order, we write it down and put it in the computer and then set up the tray. The tray is on this big rolling cart that has a hot box and shelves on it, this is what we take up to the room. Its not that complicated, unless you are busy. Those carts are super heavy and you have to wait for the elevators and so on. Needless to say they are pretty lame so I try to use them as little as possible. Anyway, I got 2 orders close together and the first one was small, just a pot of coffee and some toast. The other was a bigger order. So I hurried and got a small tray ready for the coffee and toast order so I could just carry it. I was ready in 2 minutes and went to the service elevator. Lo and Behold..............Service elevator is out of service. Curseword.
Okay, so I will take the stairs, I looked at the ticket to see what floor I was headed to. We have 8 floors in the hotel. I am located on the second floor and my order......seventh floor. More curse words. So whatever, I just suck it up and decide to do it, but its 2 flights of stairs for each floor. Fine, only 10 flights of stairs not so bad, Right? About FOS (flight of stair) 4........ okay fine 2, I was feeling winded, because not only was I quickly walking up the stairs but I was balancing a tray and trying to give myself positive mental affirmations so I could make it up the stairs. At FOS 5 I took a breathing break. And about FOS 7, the positive affirmations had turned to cursing, and persperation had started form on my brow and underarms. By the end of my escapade I was breathing as if I had just ran a marathon and sweating like a......well like a chubby person should after they hike 10 flights of stairs.
I took a minute to compose myself before I went to the room. Then went to the door, still trying to get my breathing under control. I got to the door and knocked "Room Service!" This older gentleman opens the door. I was very polite and nice, made small chitchat while I set up the order, meanwhile he is filling out the check. So he hands me the check as I am leaving the room and I say goodbye. The whole time I was trying to hide my out-of-breathness (not a word, but whatever.) So finally I head back down the hellish stairs and I can breathe normal again and I open the check to see what he tipped me. $1.05. Thats it. A dollar and five cents. BOO!! I was so mad, but oh well, I got my freaking exercise for the week. So moral of the story, Dont bite off more than you can chew because then you get chubby and one day you may have to run up 10 flights of stairs.
Oh and tip your servers decent amounts. Even if they look like they just ran a mile.