Friday, December 19, 2008

My Moose Encounter!

So to catch everyone up to speed, I am house/dog sitting for the next 3 weeks for Jake and Julie Atkinson while they are basking in the Mexican sun. I am watching Nora their little 8 or 9ish month old Visla. She is a sweetheart, but definitely a handful! Well, my friend Karin has an 8 month old Bulldog named Bibs and him and Nora are friends, so the other day we decided to let them play together.
Well, while the dogs were outside going to the bathroom I heard Nora start barking like crazy and Bibs came running to the door, so I was in the process of getting my boots on to go get Nora, Karin yelled that there was a moose! I instantly panicked and ran around the back of the house because that is where they were. Well, to let you know, there was just a barely beaten path in the knee deep snow that I was trudging through to make my way around the house. I was calling and calling Nora, but she just kept barking. Meanwhile, the moose, trying just to ignore the frantically yelling chubby lady and the persistent barking of the little dog, was chewing on a tree twig, seeming mildly amused, but also irritated. Its like when you are just trying to mind your own business at a restaurant and eat your food, but at the next table the little kid is throwing his food at you and blabbering while the mother and father are repeatedly trying to get the kid to stop.
At this point I realized 2 things: A) I needed to get Nora away from this moose, and B) I needed to get out of the little walkway pretending to be a path, otherwise if that moose started chasing Nora, she would head right past me and I would not be about to trudge fast enough. Its like that saying, "If you are ever being chased by a bear, you only have to run faster than the person next to you." Well, I am that person who cant run fast standing next to Nora. So, After what felt like forever, but in reality was only like 4 seconds, I realized that I needed to just get out of the way of danger. So I went back around the front of the house (still calling Nora, keep in mind). Just as I came around the corner, not a second later did I see a little flash of reddish/orange fly out from around the house and down the driveway, which I assumed to be Nora, and a thundering running right behind her. As the moose rounded the corner his antlers hit the side of the house and he followed Nora to the end of the driveway. It was about here, that my life flashed before my eyes. It was a decent life, probably coulda been better. But anyway, from the pictures you can see that he basically covers most of the driveway because of the snow drifts, so Nora continued to bark but now the moose was between us. So amid Karin's and my nervous awkward laughing, and our continued calls to Nora, we even were trying to bribe her with salmon, the ultimate bribe, she was still standing off with Herman; that's what I named the moose. Finally Nora took a break for it running right along the snow drift, just within inches of his foot trying to stomp her, that is when Nora's life flashed before my eyes. YET, that still didn't deter her from barking and antagonizing the moose. Every time I would come down the stairs to grab her she would run down to the landing, if I went down to the landing, she went off it. All the while I am sure the moose was having a good laugh to himself watching our little "dance number". I think finally he got bored with us, so he decided to charge us once again sending Nora straight up the stairs leaving the fat friend at the bottom to be trampled. So I hurried up the stairs and right before I ran into the house I took a look back and saw Herman at the bottom of the landing letting out one last snort.
Karin and I proceeded to have the moment everyone has after experiencing something life threatening/adrenaline pumping and narrowly escaping. We leaned against the back of the door and laughed and rehashed the whole thing while trying to catch our breath, while the dogs ran around all excited, ready to do the whole thing all over again! Well now that the dogs lives were safe, I wanted to do a bit of nature watching, this was my first close experience with a moose in Alaska for heavens sake! I grabbed my camera and went back out to get Herman's portrait. So for a few minutes we just watched him, and finally he went to the back of the house to finish eating his twigs. And believe me, these pictures do not do him justice. He was so tall and big and he smelled awful.
Well, since then, I have been on moose watch. Every dark shadow or every movement makes me think that a moose is lurking somewhere near and it terrifies me! Especially when I am walking to and from work and I see big ol moose prints in the path because it is usually in the dark.
So, in retrospect, definitely the scariest thing that has happened to me so far, but close to the coolest. And it is also something that I do not want to happen anytime soon, or ever again.

Karin, Nora and Bibs playing

We caught them kissing and Nora was so embarrased!
Herman running back to his yummy twigs.
He was so massive!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I love good hair days!

You know those days where your hair just does everything you want it to? Ah, I love those days and they dont happen very often. Ya thats pretty much it for today. YAY good hair days!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tirade Soap Box Time!

            *Alright, here it is. It is time I put my voice out there. Okay well its just on my blog and only my friends and family are really gonna be reading this, but still its time I stand up and tell ya'll what I believe. Here is my take on Gays and Lesbians with a splash of humanity and yes it probably will be politically incorrect. 
          I do not agree with the Gay/Lesbian way of life. Simple as that. Not just because I was raised Mormon, but because I do not think it is right. I was reading about some of the things that have gone on in California with the past election and Proposition "Hate" as some people are calling it. This was the proposition to eliminate gay/lesbian marriage in the State of California. I am so disturbed and quite frankly pissed off, America, look just how far we have come. We have elected an African American President. Whether or not you agree with Barack Obama, this really was an amazing step for America; a little less than a hundred and fifty years ago was the end of slavery. So all you Californian gays and lesbians (not exclusively, but you are the ones causing terror in California) got pissed because they used their rights as Americans to vote on what they wanted in their country. Well guess what, I am pretty sure you have those same rights too and you used them, voted and lost. So suck it up. Ya you have made a choice in how you want to live, but face it, some people just dont agree. Try being Mormon. We deal with persecution as well. People have called us crazy and insane, brainwashed, deluded, and all sorts of interesting things. Try being Jewish, fat, black, Mexican, Arabic, wearing glasses, being poor, driving a piece of crap car and yes, even being gay I know you suffer persecution. Ya it sucks to not get what you want or not be what you want to be, but dont go around blaming a certain sect of religion just because they disagree with you. Because last time I checked the results of Proposition 8 were 52.3% to 47.7% and I can guarantee you that 52.3% of Californians are not Mormon. So quit blaming us. 
       Now, that aside, does that mean that I am not going to be your friend? No, not one bit. I have a few gay/lesbian friends. Does that mean that I am going to make fun of you and be rude to you just because you are different? No, I might be mean to you if you are being mean to me, but not because you like to get it on with the same sex. I just think thats gross. I love Ellen Degeneres, I think she is extremely funny and an incredibly honest person. I am am not going to discriminate and not watch her show just because she chooses to be a lesbian. Elton John, I am not a huge fan of his music, but he has contributed lots of money to many many charities and organizations. Something that I have learned is that there are good people all over this world. We are all just so worried about going out of our comfort zones and accepting that someone might think differently than us. Just take the time to get to know the person for who they really are. That is one thing that has always bothered me; when I tell someone that I am Mormon, if they disagree, they try so hard to dissuade me and prove all these facts to me that Joseph Smith was a fraud and that we are too strict, well guess what? I have heard that all before, but that still doesnt change my mind. I dont try and shove my religion and beliefs onto other people and discourage them from being gay, atheist, Catholic, Unitarian, or whatever. So just accept that people are different. That is the beauty of this world. If we were all the same and believed the same things we would be living under Hitler. Ever read the novel "1984" by George Orwell? 
         So to beat the dead horse, and to extend this further than just gays/lesbians and Mormons and Prop 8, We are all different; take the time to get to know someone new, do something different and out of the ordinary, dont take things for granted, realize that life will go on just because someone called you stupid or disagreed with you, Stick up for what you believe in no matter how ridiculous it sounds because I guarantee that there is someone out there who agrees with you, And last and definitely most importantly love those around you even if they are different because, really, we are not all that different.

*I say what I want.

Here is a quote from Rabbi Shifren, Check it out, I found it pretty interesting:

Saturday, December 6, 2008

One word questionaire

1. Where is your cell phone? table
2. Your significant other? Emily-dog
3. Your hair? brown
4. Your mother? positive
5. Your father? hardworking
6. Your favorite thing? fun
7. Your dream last night? weird
8. Your favorite drink? Dr. Pepper
9. Your dream/goal? happiness
10. The room you're in? bedroom
11. Your fear? failure
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? stable
13. Where were you last night? airplane
14. What you're not? lucky
15. Muffins? yummo
16. One of your wish list items? love
17. Where you grew up? riverton
18. The last thing you did? blog
19. What are you wearing? sweats
20. Your TV? old
22. Your computer? oldish
23. Your life? interesting
24. Your mood? thoughtful
25. Missing someone? always
26. Your car? truck
27. Something you're not wearing? jewelry
29. Your summer? fast
30. Your favorite color? blue
31. When is the last time you laughed? today
32. Last time you cried? thanksgiving
33. Who will/would re-post this? ya'll
I pass this on to everyone who reads this!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

My trip home to Utah and boy was it fun!

Okay so my trip home was so much fun! I absolutely loved every minute of it! It went by way too fast though, I was only home for 2 weeks and I feel like only a few days! I should have stayed better updated on my blog because there are so many stories I could have written about but I dont want to sit and write about each one so here is just a list of some of the the things I did while I was home.
-Saw Twilight twice, loved it. My Twilight obsession is a little under par since I was so busy doing other stuff, but I would have loved to watch it ten times. Seriously the minute it was over I wanted to watch it again. Of course, it was low budget and there were some things that you can get nit-picky about, but overall I really enjoyed it. Especially the kissing scene, probably my favorite part. Ya I said it. But there is one part in the movie when they are in the "meadow scene" where Edward is in the tree and he is crouching in the branches and Bella is on the ground, and he is professing his "heroin addiction" to her.....he looks like freaking Gollom from Lord of the Rings. It ruins that part for me because all I can think of is little evil creatures saying "My Precious" Which in a way I guess Bella is the Ring. OH well, still loved it.
- Fell off a fourwheeler with my Nephew Keldin, sorry dude. I possibly could have broken my shoulder, thank goodness I didn't. 
- Spent lots of time with my family, they are crazy, but I love every bit of them!
-Realized/remembered how much I hate migraines.
-Played with my dog. She completes me.
-Experienced an eye exam with a doctor on speed.
-Almost missed BOTH of my flights coming home.
-Ran around a place called Fairyland. - no lie.
-Told the same joke probably 20 different times and it never got old for me.
-Committed friendship suicide.
-Dressed up as a Native American Cowgirl.
-Ate out about 10 times in a 2 week span, each time with different people, but no wonder I am chubby.
-Practically lost my voice.
-Probably took too much cold medicine for my own good. Then I mixed it with energy drinks. I'm pretty healthy though.
-Watched lots of "House M.D." I figure if I am ever deathly ill I would like for him to be my doctor even though he would probably make me cry.
-Reaffirmed my addiction to Nintendo. DS or regular, it doesnt matter. Especially stupid games like Cake Mania or Kickle Cubicle. Dont they sounds interesting? You wouldnt think so, but they are.
-Tried to take 2 dogs running at the same time, havent ever tried that before...........probably never will again.
-Played the game "The Moment of Truth" With my siblings and sibling-in-laws, very entertaining and informative.
-Repeatedly found hilarity in Jenae's son, Jaxson, trying to say "Flicka" but forgetting the "L" 
-Saw lots of friends that I hold near and dear to my heart! And some strangers too.
-Campaigned for Alaska
-Remembered what good friends I have.
-Watched the same episode of Arrested Development at different houses on different days in different towns. Weird!
-Contributed to 3 puzzles being done.
-Bought some new clothes.
-Remembered you cant ever trust little kids to keep a secret.
-And definitely not last or least, but I am tired or writing, realized that I have done some stupid stuff, but I am growing up. At least sorta.

So ya! Home was good and I wish I could have stayed longer! I am sad that I didnt get to see some people. But there is always the future! So when I move home we will make sure to play then. I loved almost every minute of being home and cant wait to see you all again soon! And thanks to all those who took time to play with me!