Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear life......

Dear Winter - I am not ready for you yet! Just stay away a little longer. I am not quite ready to be cold all the time again.

Dear TV show Alias - You are so flippin entertaining!
Reasons why I love you: 1) the fact that Sydney Bristow always made being an undercover spy look so easy. 2) the fact that she could kick some serious butt, and then still be a total girl and be pissed about Vaughn having a girlfriend. 3) Marshall is hilarious! 4) You ended on a happy note.
Reasons you sometimes bugged me: 1)Jack Bristow never smiles......ever. 2) Vaughn spent half his air time either in some hospital bed looking like some pathetic invalid, or he had a look of confusion on his face. 3) All your conspiracy story lines made me feel like I couldn't trust anyone. 4) I am writing about you in my blog.

Dear Dogs - You make my world complete. Whether you are my own dog, or just a random dog, I love you.

Dear Older Folks - Now you know who you are..... These are the folks that have some more "life experience" than other people under 65.... Now just because something doesn't go your way, or you don't get to talk to the doctor you want, or because a price has gone up on something, do not take it out on me and throw a fit like you are a little kid. No offense, but I would think that by the time you reach your station in life, that you would get the concepts of patience, change, and understand that businesses have to survive too. I still respect you, but seriously, it makes you look ridiculous.

Dear Clive Owen - You are gorgeous! Please quit being a celebrity and love me!?!

Dear Logan - I miss you. I miss everything about you. Besides, of course, your cold weather. If only my situation were different I would be back in a heart beat. Its just always been the wrong timing for us. Don't worry, I will be back before you know it.

Dear New Hip Hop Artist - Considering that you say in your song that, "Imma tell you one time, that I love you." You say the phrase, "One time" at least 20 times......kinda makes you sound like a liar. And, are you a young pre-pubescent boy or a girl? I hear your song on the radio at least twice a day. Now considering I spend over an hour in the car each day, that is kind of a lot, and I still DONT know. I am inclined to think young boy, because you sing about "shawty" and "my girl" but in this day and age, you could be either. One female singer kissed a girl and liked it, so I don't know if you are following in her footsteps. PS if you are that young, Honey, you are not in love, just wait till she accidently texts you instead of her best friend about some new crush she's got goin on. I guess then you can have a blues ballad about love-lost to add to your high school portfolio.

Dear Mission - I am coming. Slowly, but surely I am coming. Thank you for keeping me focused.

Dear Grey Toyota Corolla - Okay, I understand safety and all that on the road, but seriously, it is not your job to go the speed limit in the very left lane of traffic on the freeway. Its called the fast-lane for a reason. If we want to speed (a little) then we are all aware of the repercussions, even though when we do get pulled over our excuse is that we didn't know how fast we were going.....thats beside the point though. So, when you see a line of 10 cars behind you and you are next to a 3-trailer semi, go ahead and move over. Thanks.

Dear Alaska - Oh I miss you so much! As I shivered all day I thought of how Utah has turned me into a wuss. I miss your majestic beauty, relaxed atmosphere, and fresh air. I will be back one day, even if it is just to visit. Also read my blog from May 17th, I dedicated that whole one just to you.

Dear Nathan Copier - If you are thinking that I stole this idea from you, then you are correct. :) Thank you.

Dear Debt - I hate you. Yes, you may consider this an official threat against your life.

Dear Grass on the Other Side of the Fence - You really are not that much greener so quit with the false advertising!

Most Sincerely,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Little Tortilla Strip That Could......

My experiences with Cafe Rio have been generally pleasant. The first time I ate there, I got unbelievably ill, which in turn made me not want to eat there because I was always reminded of that burrito and its awful taste it had on its way out my mouth and into the toilet. I was constantly bombarded with people asking, "Its so good, how can you not like Cafe Rio?" Well because the last time I ate there I spent 3 days in the bathroom. So after a year or so, I gave in and gave it another try, and I loved it! Thus began my love affair with Cafe Rio, we had a rough beginning, but dont all great relationships begin that way?.......I dont know. So needless to say, it became a favorite.
Now last Monday, I was heavily craving some Cafe Rio, since I hadn't eaten there in awhile. When it was time for my lunch break at work, I called my order in and set off with anticipation for my much awaited mouth watering tostada. I arrived during the lunch rush of death and destruction, but when is any Cafe Rio not on the brink of mass chaos. Luckily, I called in my order To-Go, so I would not have to wait through the Disneyland-long line that was almost spilling out the door. Score 1 for Hannah. So I smuggly walked to the To-Go line. At that time I noticed four lovely looking Orem City Firefighters sitting, enjoying their meal in all their hotness.....So as an off-handed thought, as naturally does when I see a policeman or firefighter, I thought, "Well, I guess if someone chokes or has a heart attack, at least the firemen are here....." I know I am weird, but that is how my brain works. Then remembered my craving and focused on the task at hand; getting my food. While I looked for a table to sit and eat, the only one that was open and clean was a small square table next to the wall, just across from the firemen.......Sweet, lunch AND a show...... :)
Not much happened after that, I sat down, ate, casually glanced at the gorgeous firemen, ya know, normal stuff. As I got to the end of my meal, the firemen were more than finished and were just sitting and chatting; I took a bite chewed a bit, swallowed and BAM! One of those crunchy little tortilla strips was slicing my throat sideways and I started to panic. Initially I froze and thought, "You did this to yourself, you idiot, for thinking about choking!!" and then the next thought was, "I cant breathe!!!" Which I could, but I was panicking. This all took like half a second, but felt like forever, so my next goal was to get that stupid thing out of there and I remembered I could breathe, but I couldnt swallow because the tortilla strip was stabbing my esophagus! Next comes the REALLY embarrassing part....So I realized I could breathe, but my throat was so irritated and naturally the body's response is to cough to get something out of there, so I launched into a full on coughing fit! But to make matters worse I leaned over and turned toward the wall so as to hopefully minimize my visibility. Looking at it from another view, I would have guessed I was puking......through the ringing in my ears, I heard the sound of multiple chairs being suddenly pushed back and scraping the ground, and next thing I know there was a hand on my back, I turned up to see Mr. Fireman's concerned, but professional face, "Are you okay?" All I could do was nod, but I noticed that the three other firemen were standing around my table overlooking the chubby girl who cant chew her food. As I turned my face back down to ride out the coughing fit, in the breaks between the firemens bodies, I noticed a few, maybe 50 on-lookers all wondering what I was doing to attract the attention of all 4 firemen, and I can assure you, I did not flash them! :) Inappropriate? Eh, oh well!
So finally, I was able to stop coughing long enough to turn and thank the firemen with a shaky voice and reassure them that I really was okay, just mostly embarrassed, which they politely smiled and went back to their table.....
Time elapsed? like 1-2 minutes
Level of Embarrassement on a scale from 1- 10? 45
At this point, people were still staring so I threw all my meal stuff into the bag, got up, threw it in the trash can and walked out with my drink and no dignity. I didnt even get to eat my cinnamon mint.....
So thank you Orem City Fire Department, for responding to the damsel in distress and asking if I was okay. I would have much rather preferred you ask for my number. I'm just sayin. :)

Friday, July 31, 2009

I guess now is as good a time as any.....

The past few months have been very trying, but also very blessed for me. I have been working really hard to improve myself, but to also "find" myself (whatever that means :) ) As always, here is my long introduction to the point of this blog......
March 18th, 2009 - I had been home from Alaska almost a month; I was currently living with Alaina while Josh was in basic training; I had just been offered my job at the vet clinic the day before; I still didnt know what I was doing for future goals; but life in general was looking up, besides the point that we were dropping little brother Jar Jar off at the MTC that day. Not that I wasnt happy for him and knew that it was the right thing, but I knew I would miss my little brother and his funny randomness. Just seeing Jaron's overall demeanor was an experience in itself. The boy who was slow as molasses any time you asked him to do anything, was just short of running to the reception room! I was and am so proud of him. But to get to the point, slowly of course, they showed a video that was made in the 80's (I am assuming because the hair and fashion were horrendous) but it was about missions and being called to serve. At the end of the video the hymn, "Called to Serve" is sung by missionaries in all different this point, I was so overwhelmed by the spirit that I was almost, almost, in know, the crying where you cant catch your breath, cant talk, sometimes you slobber and spit a little, not very attractive, but like we are told, "The spirit manifests itself differently to everyone." Mine just happens to be an experience of drowning in my own tears. Aaaanyway, I am sure everyone attributed my hysterics to the fact that this was the last time I was going to say good bye to Jar Jar for the next 2 years, but in reality, this was the moment I knew, without any bias or doubt, or worries or fears that in my near future I would be serving a mission!

So, there you have it. I am planning to serve a mission! I know that the next few months are going to be trying and hard, but also very valuable as I learn and prepare. My estimated time of leaving is 6-8 months because I need to get out of if ya'll need any extra work done just let me know! :) But seriously, I know that serving a mission is the right thing for me to do at this point in my life. I am going to try as hard as I can to leave sooner because I know that opposition is going to try and pull me down now that I have made this commitment, but I know that the Lord will help me. The Church is true, and I cant wait to share this wonderful news with people! So the New Adventures of Old Hannah will once again continue as I serve the Lord in who knows where, but I hope it is some place crazy, because where else would I fit in?! :) I love you all!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I dedicate Whitney Houston's song "I Will Always Love You" to Alaska

So being home has been good. I really am moving forward in my life and trying to better myself, but there is a part of me that is severely nostalgic for Alaska. I have been home almost 3 months now and every now and then I catch myself daydreaming about going back. Now to explain why, I will give you a few reasons why I miss it.

1) There is no fashion police/standard in Girdwood. You literally can wear whatever you want and no one is going to say/think anything about it.
2) My lack of a stress level. Ya, work would get busy and I would feel stressed, but the majority of the time I didnt feel it. It was a very easy going feeling living there. Now being home there is more to do and deal with and with that comes lots of stress.
3) The beauty!!! Even the weeds are pretty there!! Literally, there is a tall plant called Fireweed and it is a bunch of pretty little purple flowers. Everywhere you look there would be a picturesque view. You are constantly reminded that someone mightier made all of this happen and not just some big bang. I truly think that God took his time with Alaska, making every detail beautiful. Being there brought a lot of peace.
4) The lack of people. I realized now being back that I like people, but not living around a million of them. Cities are too crowded, traffic is awful, people are pushy which results in the increasing of Reason #2.
5) My resourcefulness (dont think thats a word, but whatevs). I basically lived out of 2 suitcases for over 10 months. Now that is a big deal coming from the girl who from the second I had a job at 16 was buying things I wanted just because I could. Things just werent as available there, now being home, there is a Wal-mart on every corner. Its crazy how fast I fell out of being able to live on nothing.
6) The Sushi!!! Oh my gosh, I fell in LOVE with sushi there! I havent had any since I have been back, not for want of trying though, I just cant get anyone to go with me. Though I dont think it will be quite as good as it is there!
7) Just the overall feeling of the environment. There is no need to live up to any standards, no need to have the biggest best house on the block because everyone knows in the winter the whole thing is going to be emersed in snow. The population is joyful about life, though some of those individuals may have been joyfully influenced with drugs or alcohol, but nevertheless, people are happy there. :) Most everyone there is out being active even in the coldest weather.
8) The wildlife, even though I had my encounter with the moose, it still was an amazing experience. Seeing bears so close up and even the squirrels and birds were fun to see. Just being so close with nature all the time really brings out the best in people I think. My favorite though (even though they were not wild) was seeing the sled dogs in action. There are literally no words to explain how awesome I think that is.
9) Most of all out of everything, I miss my friends and the people there. My heart literally hurts when I think that I may never see some of them again. There are a certain few that I miss more than others, like Jake and Julie and Norah the dog. They took care of me, made me food and let me play with their dog which was AWESOME! They are great people who I admire dearly. Norah is crazy, but she loved me unconditionally, unless of course I got between her and food :). Also, Karin and her dog Bibs. Karin was my best friend there besides Norah and Bibs. She was the dearest, funniest, most honest person I have ever met. We would take the dogs on walks and talk for hours. Oh I miss her dearly! And not to mention, Bibs, he is such a loving, sweet dog who would do anything for food and his orange soccer ball. Me, Bibs and Norah were and always will be BFF's. Yes I just admitted to having 2 dogs as best friends, would you expect anything else? :) Another family, the Pearson's - Sean, Emily, and Nikki. Wow, what an incredible family! They were fun and honest and made me food. I miss their company so much! I felt like I had been friends with them forever, they are so wonderful! Also, Nicole my roommate and friend for most the time I was there. She was crazy and had her faults, she punched me in the face and broke one of our windows while she was blacked out drunk, but she had such a good heart and truly cared about those close to her. She constantly entertained me and made me laugh. She was honest and really looked out for me and made sure "no one tried to mess with her Mormon roommate, or she would beat them up!" And I am sure they believed her. We spent lots of hours talking and analyzing life and we both came from 2 extremely different backgrounds but still we were searching for the same things in life. Love and Happiness. Oh my goodness I could go on and on about all the people I came in contact with; John aka Angry Man, Glaze, Courtney, Chantell, Maribel, The whole Cardenas family, Debbi, Diane, Pres. Bell and his family, Dani, Jamie, Mike, my nutty boss Linda, Damon, the crazy foreigner kids from Poland and Russia, Tyson, Austin, Alex, Kory, and the list goes on forever and I could write a paragraph or more about them, but it boils down to this, I met the most honest, true people there and I will always treasure and miss them! Yes, even maybe Paula, but just a little. :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A trip to Wal-Mart without feeling whitetrash...

So not that I am dissing on Wal-Mart, I have shopped there my whole life, but there is a certain......stereotype that tend to flock to that place. So I went to the new Wal-Mart in Eagle Mountain (Hallelujah, Praise Heaven!) that opened today. Which I am totally ecstatic about because now I dont have to travel through death traffic that takes hours to get through just to get good prices. So ya, this new Wally World can I say it.....classy, I guess. Kinda sounds like an oxymoron "Classy Wal-Mart" But its true and I will openly state my happiness with the new look/feel about the place. The company must be doing well in this "recession" to open a new store, but who am I there even a recession? The whole parking lot was would not even think that we were in an economical crisis. But who am I to judge because I was there. And not to mention that the ever-looming death of smaller local businesses is just over the horizon because of Wally's "unbeatable" prices. Really, I would love to buy from local stores, and if I can I will, but Wally's just makes it so easy to shop there because it is cheap! That is the reason it supported me through my high school and college years, and now my whatever-you-call-this-stage years. The best part about my trip to the new Wally's, was that I got a case of bottled water, the flavor packet things to add to them, face wash, mascara, and gum and it all came to less than $16. That my friends is why I have a love/hate relationship with Wal-Mart.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ode to the shower....

Okay, so I have not been very diligent about blogging, obviously. And a HUGE thanks goes out to Alaina for making my blog super fantastic and cute! So as for the blogging, I want to start writing more and so I have decided to make a goal that every Sunday night is my blogging night, unless I have had time in the week. There is no excuse for my lack of blogging, its not like I don't have time and its not like great, crazy things haven't happened that aren't worth writing about, but since I am not being chased by moose or constantly bombarded with crazy Asians, I have to make everyday life things into crazy adventures......which leads me to todays topic. The Shower.

I LOVE the shower! And here is why.

1) You always come out feeling clean and refreshed no matter what. And it always puts me in a better mood.

2) I always try out different shampoos and conditioners, I don't think I have ever bought the same brand consecutively. The reason being, that I just like to try them out and see if they are really that "invigorating and refreshing."

3) And I am totally weird and always read the backs of the bottles while I am in the shower. And I mean, the whole back, even like the ingredients and stuff. I cant sound most of them out, but whatever, as long it makes my hair "shiny and smooth" I am good. Whether I read them to keep me from being bored or I am waiting for a Company to actually say something different than "Rinse, Lather. Then repeat." I am not sure.

4) Their adjectives and catch phrases they use; refreshing, indulgent, invigorating, energizing, noticeable results, awakens the senses - could also be used to explain a good jog (though I would add torturous to that one), a good meal, or sex. (Calm down everyone, I haven't done it, but I hear its quite nice.)

5) Its a good time to have your alone time. I remember my first year of college I would sometimes just go sit in the shower so I didnt have to deal with the dreaded Kammi. If I have told you about her, you would understand why.

6) Last but not least, I love the shower because I feel relaxed after a nice, long, hot shower. Who needs to spend $200 at a spa when you can relax in your home for free!

This is the current product that I am using and I actually like it. The conditioner doesnt seem to work so well, because I feel like I am ripping my hair out when I am combing it, but maybe that is why they advertise the detangling spray with the shampoo and conditioner. But overall results, my hair when it is done, feels stronger and looks shiny. Honestly. And it has this mint extract in it that when mixed with the steam of the shower, totally clears my sinuses. Its nice. Just an FYI!! Happy showering! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Updates thus far.......April Fools!!! Jk

So ya, I didnt really get a chance to use the whole April Fools plug on anybody today, but I figure I joke around and prank enough in the year to more than make up for today. SO updates eh? I know I have been a HUGE slacker with the ol blogging. SO to bring everyone up to speed, if you are just tuning in; I moved home from Alaska and I am living in Eagle Mountain with Alaina and the kids while Josh is playing Army with the G.I. Thugs. I love living with them, not only for the wonderful friendship that Alaina and I have developed, but the kids are so precious as well! I cant wait to come home and see them everyday! They really make coming home great! Other than that, I got a job!! Take that Economy, you can go recess in some other country, you aint got no hold on me!! Jk. But I am working at a Vet Clinic in Orem and it is great! I like it, I am still new and learning how they run things, but it is nice to be familiar and back around animals all the time instead of crazy asians who like parmesan cheese in their coffee. :)
Before Jar Jar left we took the kids to the Discovery Museum in Salt Lake and it was really fun! This was us in the helicopter, but they had all sorts of other fun and interesting things there to play with and explore!

Also Jar Jar left to the MTC 2 weeks ago exactly! I am so proud of him!
(My Mom was there, she was taking the pictures)
In honor of the plan of salvation we had Jar Jar's last meal at Paradise Bakery, then took him to the MTC and watched that dang movie that made me bawl hysterically!! Literally.

But I am so proud of Jar Jar and know that he is going to be such a good little missionary! Growing up me and Jar Jar always fought because we were the youngest, but the last few years our friendship has really grown and he is one of the funniest kids I know!

What? We be straight thugs, church thugs that is. And the sun was blinding us.

So I also want to talk about my other brother Josh a bit. I have never been so proud of both my brothers in my life than I am right now. Josh is doing so great and he is the best in everything that he has been doing at basic training. I have always respected the men and women and their families who sacrifice so much in their lives so that we can still live in a free country, but now more than ever I feel so much love and respect for him because of what he is doing. My big brother has always been someone I looked up to and now more than ever his example is important and inspiring to me. He is such a strong, determined, loyal person and I miss him so much, but I know he is doing the best and right thing right now. Love you Big Brother!

PS My very best friend Amy, aka, Sister Skousen comes home tomorrow!! Yay!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Power of Imagination

As I have been going about and doing my business for the past hour or so; getting my new room in order, making a to-do-list/to-buy-list, worrying about finding a job, wanting to tweak my resume, worrying about money, deciding when I should go workout, deciding IF I should go workout, listening to music, and not to mention the 8 billion other things that have been on my mind lately. But as I have been doing this, my neice and her friend, ages 4 and 5 years old, have been playing Mermaids in where they are sisters and have lost their house and now need a safe place to hide so that the bad guy (Jax the dog) does not get them. At one point I made them clean up all the water in the bathroom so I was the evil step-mother. BUT to get to my point, I miss being a kid. I miss those moments where all you had to do was think of something and it was real, and its almost as if you could see what you were making up in your head right in front of you and you could live it. And even if you are interrupted by the Evil Stepmother who makes you wipe up the bathroom floor, you can easily go right back to what you were playing. Its like the movie Bridge to Terabithia; I always loved that book as a kid and I thought the movie that recently came out was a very good adaption. But in the movie, these kids go to a place and it is just a forest, but they change it into this magical land with magical creatures with just their imagination and their sense of adventure. I dont really remember at what age I lost that sense of imagination, and to a certain extent I think I still have it, but its not "normal" to be a dreamer at age 22. :) I have had so much fun today just listening to these 2 little girls, that it is hard to be the adult and make them clean up the mess and come back to real life, because honestly, real life isnt as fun. I am so fascinated by the power of kids imaginations! Just think, if adults were not so up tight about getting the next thing on our list done, but just living in the moment and giving into our imaginations once in awhile, I truly believe that people could find happiness where before they maybe couldnt, even if it is for only a moment.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leaving Alaska with an almost Bang!

So I am now back in Utah, and it feels good, different, but good. I already really miss Alaska, and not just the place, but the people, the atmosphere, the friends, the dogs......ah, but I can always go back, which I am pretty sure I will. And I will have a post dedicated just to Alaska soon. Utah is so flipping warm! It feels like summer here!! No kidding, I drove around the past 2 days with my windows open, walked around without a jacket, and had my sunglasses on most the time I am outside! Its nice, but I never thought I would say this.....I miss winter and snow!! But it is very good to be back around my family and friends. I have and will be staying with Alaina and the kids, and Jax the Great Dane for the next few months and they are so stinkin cute! They got a room in their basement all painted and ready for me to move in and the kids made a special surprise for me by painting in the closet!! It was so cute! They have been very helpful and I look forward to spending time with them for the next few months!
Now for those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning know that I am not too fond of flying anyway because of all the "fun" experiences I have had while doing so. Well this time was no different. I am sure that Homeland Security has a watch on me now so I better be careful what I write in the blog... :) JK, but I am getting ahead of myself let me start from the beginning....
The night I left, some of my favorite people Jake and Julie, drove me into town and we saw Valkyrie and had pizza, it was great! Then they dropped me off at the airport. I almost broke down crying when they dropped me off, but I held most of it together. So I went in to check my bags, which all went smoothly, so I made my way up to security. I was there pretty early so there wasnt a lot of people going through, so I took my time making sure all my electronics, laptop, belt, shoes and other such things were placed in bins so I could make it through the metal detector without any problems. All went well, until I got on the other side and started to put back on my shoes and belt; my other items were still going through the conveyer belt when I heard the officer say, "BAG CHECK." I got a little worried because I thought I had taken everything out....*oh well Hannah, dont panic*.....Well, ya'll know I am a natural worrier and I get all flustered over the stupidest things and I hate getting in trouble, so as I watched one of the officers dig through the front pocket of my backpack and pull out tampons, garbage, random pieces of gum, and who knows what else, I started to panic a bit. He proceeded to pull out some canisters of Whip-its, they are small CO2 chargers to pressurize whip cream for whatever reason I had put them in there months ago at work and completely forgotten about them. He asked me what they were for and so I tried to explain with a my face turning red. He asked me to step aside and that it would just take a moment for them to "check things out." Uh huh, that just the same as saying that the plane is having technical difficulties, something is wrong and they dont want people to freak out!
So as I waited they continued to take swabs of my backback and all my belongings.....its was so embarrassing.....The whole time I just wanted to start crying/burst out laughing. I love emotions. Anyway, after about 20 minutes they cleared my canisters of Whip-its and told me they were okay. Well at this point I knew I didnt need them, so I said, "Honestly I dont really need them, so you guys can keep them....*uh, reel back Hannah, now it sounds like you are just trying to dump them off with them*...... "oh, I mean I can take them, I will just throw them away....." At this point the 2 officers just kinda stared at me, So the one who still had the canisters in his hand held out to give them to me, slowly pulled back his hand and said, " We will just dispose of them for you." WOW Hannah, you are really good! *Me shaking my head* So I said thanks, gave them a smile and contiued on to my gate. I sat down on the brink of tears and realized my gray jacket that I am so very fond of was no longer in my arms.....*You have GOT to be kidding!*....Nope, so normal passive Hannah would have said, "Screw it, it is just a jacket," but in my state of mind I said, "No, I am going to be assertive and get my freaking jacket back!"
I made my way back to security trying my best to look down trodden over the loss of my jacket. None of the officers, all 10 of them, had seen my jacket, so I decided to go back down to the check-in counter, thats the only other place I had been. So I said to the one Nice security officer, "I will just go back and check downstairs, which means I will just have to come back through security right?" He nodded, and in my head I thought, *Oh if I just leave my stuff here, I wont have to go through that whole hassle again* Sounded good in my head, so I mentioned that to the officer and he just looked at me and said, "No, not unless you have someone here with you." OH ya, thats why they have that continuous recording over the intercom saying "Do not leave your luggage unattended, If you see a suspicious bag notify authorities immediately." Good one Hannah. So the Nice officer walked me downstairs and I kinda unloaded on him saying that I was moving and I was stressed and just not in my right mind, he seemed to genuinely care, so that made me feel a bit better.
Anyway, no luck in finding the jacket, so I made it back up to security....ROUND 2....looking ridiculous since I didn't have the jacket that I proclaimed to go find......
So, you can imagine by now, I am so flustered and emotional and there are more people going through security at this time, so I hurriedly threw stuff in bins and walked through the metal detector.....BEEP!!....oh geez, my belt....walked back through, took belt more time through.....BEEP!!.....Seriously! What now? my earrings? oh wait, my phone and Ipod were in my front pocket of my shirt......This whole time I was cursing myself in my head and out loud. So I walked back through and placed them in a small container that the Nice officer supplied and he said, "Good morning!" I just smiled and said, "I know, right?" One more time through and I made it without a damn beep. As I once again put on my boots and belt I hear, "Bag Check!" DAMNIT, SERIOUSLY?!?!? But, a nice lady officer noticed my face, since my expletives took place in my head, and said, "Dont worry, you just forgot to take out your laptop." I smiled and impatiently waited for my stuff to go back through. So after all my stuff was back in my bag I did what any other emotional woman would do and went to the bathroom and had a cry-a-thon.
I slept a little on the plane rides home, but we all know how well sleeping in planes goes for me.....if you dont know, refer to my first post about my first flight to Alaska. But I made it home safely and strip-search free, so despite how embarrassed I was that night, I guess it always could have been worse!! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I left my heart in San Fran-Girdwood.....

As excited and happy as I am to come home, the closer I get to leaving this beautiful, magnificent, and inspiring place........I seem to find myself having a hard time with it. But for all those, every last 2 of you, that are happy for me to be coming home, I will be arriving on this sunday the 22nd in the morning! So see you all then, and until then, I will soak in as much of Alaska as I can! 
And this will officially be my last post from Alaska, so I will probably be needing to come up with another headline for my blog....any suggestions? Love ya!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My love for asians grows fonder.....

SO.....this asian couple walks into a bar......I mean, coffee shop....... No really though, I was working at the coffee shop the other day, and this asian couple sauntered in and perused for a few minutes. I waited behind the counter and mindlessly wiped at the counter in boredom, until they came up to the counter. The Female asian, I will call her Koneecheewa, asked "Sooker? Sooker?" and if you refer to one of my earlier posts you see that I have some experience in translating and knowing that this lady wanted sugar, so I pointed to a small counter located behind them that contained 4 different kinds of sugars and said "Sugar." She nodded gratefully and smiled that asain smile! The Male asian, I will call him Hiro, asked for a small cup of coffee so I kindly obliged and got them their coffee. Well as I was putting their money in the till, out of the corner of my eye I saw her on the the opposite side of the condiment counter near the taco sauce, salt & pepper, mayo, mustard, etc.... Well, this lady was putting a packet of parmesan cheese in her coffee. So I went around my counter and went right up the the sugars and pointed saying, "No, no, no......Sugar is here." While she continued stirring the parmesan cheese in her coffee, she rambled something at me a little heatedly in Chinese/Japanese/Korean/I have no idea and then she picked up her coffee and left. At first I was a little shocked, but then the beginnings of a laughter outburst began to erupt inside so before she was all the way out, I waved a whole arm wave and said, "Enjoy your coffee!!!" 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas, New Years, and a few other assorted adventures.

Well, for starters, after the moose incident, my Norah adventures did not stop there. The next day Norah decided that running away might just be the next fun thing to do, Not thinking that I would mind much, she ran off to have a good time, leaving me back at the house stunned and worried. Luckily she made it home safe. Later that day I was walking her and ran into some people and we started talking about Norah, and they said, "I think that is the dog that was up on the mountain today with all the skiers!" Yep, thats Norah for ya alright! And there were other events too, lots of stealing of gloves, hats, and garbage, but after the first week we finally pushed eachothers limits and came to a sense of understanding,.....I think. Anyway, we only had one other possible moose encounter, but luckily I was able to call the dogs back soon enough before they could see the moose. 
Well, Christmas....It was my first Christmas alone, that was kinda hard, but it worked out okay. I worked in the morning, that was kinda sucky, and people didnt really tip well either! Oh well, So then we had like a 2-3 week below zero streak in was awful and very cold!! But then over night it warmed up and it was raining the next day.........weird Alaskan weather. It got nice for awhile like 30's and 40's, but now we are back to around the 20 degree weather with lots more snow.
New Years was lots of fun!! I went to the Photonz concert and it was amazing! They are a local band and they are super awesome! 

Well, as for more updates, I am moving home!!! Most people already know this, but I have been really slacker with my blog. I guess I cant call it Alaskan Adventure anymore.....:( My little brother Jar Jar is leaving on his mission to Fort Lauderdale Florida in March, and my older Brother Josh is leaving for basic training for the National Guard. So I am gonna move home and live with Alaina, Keldin, and Skylee and help them out while Josh is gone. And then since I am already going to be home I may as well try and go back to school in the fall....but that is still to be decided. So ya! There has definitely been more I wanted to write about, but I have procrastinated too long to write them down. Anyway, Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all and I will see you sometime around the 14th or 15th of February!