Saturday, January 17, 2009

Christmas, New Years, and a few other assorted adventures.

Well, for starters, after the moose incident, my Norah adventures did not stop there. The next day Norah decided that running away might just be the next fun thing to do, Not thinking that I would mind much, she ran off to have a good time, leaving me back at the house stunned and worried. Luckily she made it home safe. Later that day I was walking her and ran into some people and we started talking about Norah, and they said, "I think that is the dog that was up on the mountain today with all the skiers!" Yep, thats Norah for ya alright! And there were other events too, lots of stealing of gloves, hats, and garbage, but after the first week we finally pushed eachothers limits and came to a sense of understanding,.....I think. Anyway, we only had one other possible moose encounter, but luckily I was able to call the dogs back soon enough before they could see the moose. 
Well, Christmas....It was my first Christmas alone, that was kinda hard, but it worked out okay. I worked in the morning, that was kinda sucky, and people didnt really tip well either! Oh well, So then we had like a 2-3 week below zero streak in was awful and very cold!! But then over night it warmed up and it was raining the next day.........weird Alaskan weather. It got nice for awhile like 30's and 40's, but now we are back to around the 20 degree weather with lots more snow.
New Years was lots of fun!! I went to the Photonz concert and it was amazing! They are a local band and they are super awesome! 

Well, as for more updates, I am moving home!!! Most people already know this, but I have been really slacker with my blog. I guess I cant call it Alaskan Adventure anymore.....:( My little brother Jar Jar is leaving on his mission to Fort Lauderdale Florida in March, and my older Brother Josh is leaving for basic training for the National Guard. So I am gonna move home and live with Alaina, Keldin, and Skylee and help them out while Josh is gone. And then since I am already going to be home I may as well try and go back to school in the fall....but that is still to be decided. So ya! There has definitely been more I wanted to write about, but I have procrastinated too long to write them down. Anyway, Hope everyone is doing well! Love you all and I will see you sometime around the 14th or 15th of February!