Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Leaving Alaska with an almost Bang!

So I am now back in Utah, and it feels good, different, but good. I already really miss Alaska, and not just the place, but the people, the atmosphere, the friends, the dogs......ah, but I can always go back, which I am pretty sure I will. And I will have a post dedicated just to Alaska soon. Utah is so flipping warm! It feels like summer here!! No kidding, I drove around the past 2 days with my windows open, walked around without a jacket, and had my sunglasses on most the time I am outside! Its nice, but I never thought I would say this.....I miss winter and snow!! But it is very good to be back around my family and friends. I have and will be staying with Alaina and the kids, and Jax the Great Dane for the next few months and they are so stinkin cute! They got a room in their basement all painted and ready for me to move in and the kids made a special surprise for me by painting in the closet!! It was so cute! They have been very helpful and I look forward to spending time with them for the next few months!
Now for those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning know that I am not too fond of flying anyway because of all the "fun" experiences I have had while doing so. Well this time was no different. I am sure that Homeland Security has a watch on me now so I better be careful what I write in the blog... :) JK, but I am getting ahead of myself let me start from the beginning....
The night I left, some of my favorite people Jake and Julie, drove me into town and we saw Valkyrie and had pizza, it was great! Then they dropped me off at the airport. I almost broke down crying when they dropped me off, but I held most of it together. So I went in to check my bags, which all went smoothly, so I made my way up to security. I was there pretty early so there wasnt a lot of people going through, so I took my time making sure all my electronics, laptop, belt, shoes and other such things were placed in bins so I could make it through the metal detector without any problems. All went well, until I got on the other side and started to put back on my shoes and belt; my other items were still going through the conveyer belt when I heard the officer say, "BAG CHECK." I got a little worried because I thought I had taken everything out....*oh well Hannah, dont panic*.....Well, ya'll know I am a natural worrier and I get all flustered over the stupidest things and I hate getting in trouble, so as I watched one of the officers dig through the front pocket of my backpack and pull out tampons, garbage, random pieces of gum, and who knows what else, I started to panic a bit. He proceeded to pull out some canisters of Whip-its, they are small CO2 chargers to pressurize whip cream for whatever reason I had put them in there months ago at work and completely forgotten about them. He asked me what they were for and so I tried to explain with a my face turning red. He asked me to step aside and that it would just take a moment for them to "check things out." Uh huh, that just the same as saying that the plane is having technical difficulties, something is wrong and they dont want people to freak out!
So as I waited they continued to take swabs of my backback and all my belongings.....its was so embarrassing.....The whole time I just wanted to start crying/burst out laughing. I love emotions. Anyway, after about 20 minutes they cleared my canisters of Whip-its and told me they were okay. Well at this point I knew I didnt need them, so I said, "Honestly I dont really need them, so you guys can keep them....*uh, reel back Hannah, now it sounds like you are just trying to dump them off with them*...... "oh, I mean I can take them, I will just throw them away....." At this point the 2 officers just kinda stared at me, So the one who still had the canisters in his hand held out to give them to me, slowly pulled back his hand and said, " We will just dispose of them for you." WOW Hannah, you are really good! *Me shaking my head* So I said thanks, gave them a smile and contiued on to my gate. I sat down on the brink of tears and realized my gray jacket that I am so very fond of was no longer in my arms.....*You have GOT to be kidding!*....Nope, so normal passive Hannah would have said, "Screw it, it is just a jacket," but in my state of mind I said, "No, I am going to be assertive and get my freaking jacket back!"
I made my way back to security trying my best to look down trodden over the loss of my jacket. None of the officers, all 10 of them, had seen my jacket, so I decided to go back down to the check-in counter, thats the only other place I had been. So I said to the one Nice security officer, "I will just go back and check downstairs, which means I will just have to come back through security right?" He nodded, and in my head I thought, *Oh if I just leave my stuff here, I wont have to go through that whole hassle again* Sounded good in my head, so I mentioned that to the officer and he just looked at me and said, "No, not unless you have someone here with you." OH ya, thats why they have that continuous recording over the intercom saying "Do not leave your luggage unattended, If you see a suspicious bag notify authorities immediately." Good one Hannah. So the Nice officer walked me downstairs and I kinda unloaded on him saying that I was moving and I was stressed and just not in my right mind, he seemed to genuinely care, so that made me feel a bit better.
Anyway, no luck in finding the jacket, so I made it back up to security....ROUND 2....looking ridiculous since I didn't have the jacket that I proclaimed to go find......
So, you can imagine by now, I am so flustered and emotional and there are more people going through security at this time, so I hurriedly threw stuff in bins and walked through the metal detector.....BEEP!!....oh geez, my belt....walked back through, took belt more time through.....BEEP!!.....Seriously! What now? my earrings? oh wait, my phone and Ipod were in my front pocket of my shirt......This whole time I was cursing myself in my head and out loud. So I walked back through and placed them in a small container that the Nice officer supplied and he said, "Good morning!" I just smiled and said, "I know, right?" One more time through and I made it without a damn beep. As I once again put on my boots and belt I hear, "Bag Check!" DAMNIT, SERIOUSLY?!?!? But, a nice lady officer noticed my face, since my expletives took place in my head, and said, "Dont worry, you just forgot to take out your laptop." I smiled and impatiently waited for my stuff to go back through. So after all my stuff was back in my bag I did what any other emotional woman would do and went to the bathroom and had a cry-a-thon.
I slept a little on the plane rides home, but we all know how well sleeping in planes goes for me.....if you dont know, refer to my first post about my first flight to Alaska. But I made it home safely and strip-search free, so despite how embarrassed I was that night, I guess it always could have been worse!! :)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I left my heart in San Fran-Girdwood.....

As excited and happy as I am to come home, the closer I get to leaving this beautiful, magnificent, and inspiring place........I seem to find myself having a hard time with it. But for all those, every last 2 of you, that are happy for me to be coming home, I will be arriving on this sunday the 22nd in the morning! So see you all then, and until then, I will soak in as much of Alaska as I can! 
And this will officially be my last post from Alaska, so I will probably be needing to come up with another headline for my blog....any suggestions? Love ya!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

My love for asians grows fonder.....

SO.....this asian couple walks into a bar......I mean, coffee shop....... No really though, I was working at the coffee shop the other day, and this asian couple sauntered in and perused for a few minutes. I waited behind the counter and mindlessly wiped at the counter in boredom, until they came up to the counter. The Female asian, I will call her Koneecheewa, asked "Sooker? Sooker?" and if you refer to one of my earlier posts you see that I have some experience in translating and knowing that this lady wanted sugar, so I pointed to a small counter located behind them that contained 4 different kinds of sugars and said "Sugar." She nodded gratefully and smiled that asain smile! The Male asian, I will call him Hiro, asked for a small cup of coffee so I kindly obliged and got them their coffee. Well as I was putting their money in the till, out of the corner of my eye I saw her on the the opposite side of the condiment counter near the taco sauce, salt & pepper, mayo, mustard, etc.... Well, this lady was putting a packet of parmesan cheese in her coffee. So I went around my counter and went right up the the sugars and pointed saying, "No, no, no......Sugar is here." While she continued stirring the parmesan cheese in her coffee, she rambled something at me a little heatedly in Chinese/Japanese/Korean/I have no idea and then she picked up her coffee and left. At first I was a little shocked, but then the beginnings of a laughter outburst began to erupt inside so before she was all the way out, I waved a whole arm wave and said, "Enjoy your coffee!!!"