Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Power of Imagination

As I have been going about and doing my business for the past hour or so; getting my new room in order, making a to-do-list/to-buy-list, worrying about finding a job, wanting to tweak my resume, worrying about money, deciding when I should go workout, deciding IF I should go workout, listening to music, and not to mention the 8 billion other things that have been on my mind lately. But as I have been doing this, my neice and her friend, ages 4 and 5 years old, have been playing Mermaids in where they are sisters and have lost their house and now need a safe place to hide so that the bad guy (Jax the dog) does not get them. At one point I made them clean up all the water in the bathroom so I was the evil step-mother. BUT to get to my point, I miss being a kid. I miss those moments where all you had to do was think of something and it was real, and its almost as if you could see what you were making up in your head right in front of you and you could live it. And even if you are interrupted by the Evil Stepmother who makes you wipe up the bathroom floor, you can easily go right back to what you were playing. Its like the movie Bridge to Terabithia; I always loved that book as a kid and I thought the movie that recently came out was a very good adaption. But in the movie, these kids go to a place and it is just a forest, but they change it into this magical land with magical creatures with just their imagination and their sense of adventure. I dont really remember at what age I lost that sense of imagination, and to a certain extent I think I still have it, but its not "normal" to be a dreamer at age 22. :) I have had so much fun today just listening to these 2 little girls, that it is hard to be the adult and make them clean up the mess and come back to real life, because honestly, real life isnt as fun. I am so fascinated by the power of kids imaginations! Just think, if adults were not so up tight about getting the next thing on our list done, but just living in the moment and giving into our imaginations once in awhile, I truly believe that people could find happiness where before they maybe couldnt, even if it is for only a moment.