Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A trip to Wal-Mart without feeling whitetrash...

So not that I am dissing on Wal-Mart, I have shopped there my whole life, but there is a certain......stereotype that tend to flock to that place. So I went to the new Wal-Mart in Eagle Mountain (Hallelujah, Praise Heaven!) that opened today. Which I am totally ecstatic about because now I dont have to travel through death traffic that takes hours to get through just to get good prices. So ya, this new Wally World can I say it.....classy, I guess. Kinda sounds like an oxymoron "Classy Wal-Mart" But its true and I will openly state my happiness with the new look/feel about the place. The company must be doing well in this "recession" to open a new store, but who am I there even a recession? The whole parking lot was would not even think that we were in an economical crisis. But who am I to judge because I was there. And not to mention that the ever-looming death of smaller local businesses is just over the horizon because of Wally's "unbeatable" prices. Really, I would love to buy from local stores, and if I can I will, but Wally's just makes it so easy to shop there because it is cheap! That is the reason it supported me through my high school and college years, and now my whatever-you-call-this-stage years. The best part about my trip to the new Wally's, was that I got a case of bottled water, the flavor packet things to add to them, face wash, mascara, and gum and it all came to less than $16. That my friends is why I have a love/hate relationship with Wal-Mart.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ode to the shower....

Okay, so I have not been very diligent about blogging, obviously. And a HUGE thanks goes out to Alaina for making my blog super fantastic and cute! So as for the blogging, I want to start writing more and so I have decided to make a goal that every Sunday night is my blogging night, unless I have had time in the week. There is no excuse for my lack of blogging, its not like I don't have time and its not like great, crazy things haven't happened that aren't worth writing about, but since I am not being chased by moose or constantly bombarded with crazy Asians, I have to make everyday life things into crazy adventures......which leads me to todays topic. The Shower.

I LOVE the shower! And here is why.

1) You always come out feeling clean and refreshed no matter what. And it always puts me in a better mood.

2) I always try out different shampoos and conditioners, I don't think I have ever bought the same brand consecutively. The reason being, that I just like to try them out and see if they are really that "invigorating and refreshing."

3) And I am totally weird and always read the backs of the bottles while I am in the shower. And I mean, the whole back, even like the ingredients and stuff. I cant sound most of them out, but whatever, as long it makes my hair "shiny and smooth" I am good. Whether I read them to keep me from being bored or I am waiting for a Company to actually say something different than "Rinse, Lather. Then repeat." I am not sure.

4) Their adjectives and catch phrases they use; refreshing, indulgent, invigorating, energizing, noticeable results, awakens the senses - could also be used to explain a good jog (though I would add torturous to that one), a good meal, or sex. (Calm down everyone, I haven't done it, but I hear its quite nice.)

5) Its a good time to have your alone time. I remember my first year of college I would sometimes just go sit in the shower so I didnt have to deal with the dreaded Kammi. If I have told you about her, you would understand why.

6) Last but not least, I love the shower because I feel relaxed after a nice, long, hot shower. Who needs to spend $200 at a spa when you can relax in your home for free!

This is the current product that I am using and I actually like it. The conditioner doesnt seem to work so well, because I feel like I am ripping my hair out when I am combing it, but maybe that is why they advertise the detangling spray with the shampoo and conditioner. But overall results, my hair when it is done, feels stronger and looks shiny. Honestly. And it has this mint extract in it that when mixed with the steam of the shower, totally clears my sinuses. Its nice. Just an FYI!! Happy showering! :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Updates thus far.......April Fools!!! Jk

So ya, I didnt really get a chance to use the whole April Fools plug on anybody today, but I figure I joke around and prank enough in the year to more than make up for today. SO updates eh? I know I have been a HUGE slacker with the ol blogging. SO to bring everyone up to speed, if you are just tuning in; I moved home from Alaska and I am living in Eagle Mountain with Alaina and the kids while Josh is playing Army with the G.I. Thugs. I love living with them, not only for the wonderful friendship that Alaina and I have developed, but the kids are so precious as well! I cant wait to come home and see them everyday! They really make coming home great! Other than that, I got a job!! Take that Economy, you can go recess in some other country, you aint got no hold on me!! Jk. But I am working at a Vet Clinic in Orem and it is great! I like it, I am still new and learning how they run things, but it is nice to be familiar and back around animals all the time instead of crazy asians who like parmesan cheese in their coffee. :)
Before Jar Jar left we took the kids to the Discovery Museum in Salt Lake and it was really fun! This was us in the helicopter, but they had all sorts of other fun and interesting things there to play with and explore!

Also Jar Jar left to the MTC 2 weeks ago exactly! I am so proud of him!
(My Mom was there, she was taking the pictures)
In honor of the plan of salvation we had Jar Jar's last meal at Paradise Bakery, then took him to the MTC and watched that dang movie that made me bawl hysterically!! Literally.

But I am so proud of Jar Jar and know that he is going to be such a good little missionary! Growing up me and Jar Jar always fought because we were the youngest, but the last few years our friendship has really grown and he is one of the funniest kids I know!

What? We be straight thugs, church thugs that is. And the sun was blinding us.

So I also want to talk about my other brother Josh a bit. I have never been so proud of both my brothers in my life than I am right now. Josh is doing so great and he is the best in everything that he has been doing at basic training. I have always respected the men and women and their families who sacrifice so much in their lives so that we can still live in a free country, but now more than ever I feel so much love and respect for him because of what he is doing. My big brother has always been someone I looked up to and now more than ever his example is important and inspiring to me. He is such a strong, determined, loyal person and I miss him so much, but I know he is doing the best and right thing right now. Love you Big Brother!

PS My very best friend Amy, aka, Sister Skousen comes home tomorrow!! Yay!