Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dear life......

Dear Winter - I am not ready for you yet! Just stay away a little longer. I am not quite ready to be cold all the time again.

Dear TV show Alias - You are so flippin entertaining!
Reasons why I love you: 1) the fact that Sydney Bristow always made being an undercover spy look so easy. 2) the fact that she could kick some serious butt, and then still be a total girl and be pissed about Vaughn having a girlfriend. 3) Marshall is hilarious! 4) You ended on a happy note.
Reasons you sometimes bugged me: 1)Jack Bristow never smiles......ever. 2) Vaughn spent half his air time either in some hospital bed looking like some pathetic invalid, or he had a look of confusion on his face. 3) All your conspiracy story lines made me feel like I couldn't trust anyone. 4) I am writing about you in my blog.

Dear Dogs - You make my world complete. Whether you are my own dog, or just a random dog, I love you.

Dear Older Folks - Now you know who you are..... These are the folks that have some more "life experience" than other people under 65.... Now just because something doesn't go your way, or you don't get to talk to the doctor you want, or because a price has gone up on something, do not take it out on me and throw a fit like you are a little kid. No offense, but I would think that by the time you reach your station in life, that you would get the concepts of patience, change, and understand that businesses have to survive too. I still respect you, but seriously, it makes you look ridiculous.

Dear Clive Owen - You are gorgeous! Please quit being a celebrity and love me!?!

Dear Logan - I miss you. I miss everything about you. Besides, of course, your cold weather. If only my situation were different I would be back in a heart beat. Its just always been the wrong timing for us. Don't worry, I will be back before you know it.

Dear New Hip Hop Artist - Considering that you say in your song that, "Imma tell you one time, that I love you." You say the phrase, "One time" at least 20 times......kinda makes you sound like a liar. And, are you a young pre-pubescent boy or a girl? I hear your song on the radio at least twice a day. Now considering I spend over an hour in the car each day, that is kind of a lot, and I still DONT know. I am inclined to think young boy, because you sing about "shawty" and "my girl" but in this day and age, you could be either. One female singer kissed a girl and liked it, so I don't know if you are following in her footsteps. PS if you are that young, Honey, you are not in love, just wait till she accidently texts you instead of her best friend about some new crush she's got goin on. I guess then you can have a blues ballad about love-lost to add to your high school portfolio.

Dear Mission - I am coming. Slowly, but surely I am coming. Thank you for keeping me focused.

Dear Grey Toyota Corolla - Okay, I understand safety and all that on the road, but seriously, it is not your job to go the speed limit in the very left lane of traffic on the freeway. Its called the fast-lane for a reason. If we want to speed (a little) then we are all aware of the repercussions, even though when we do get pulled over our excuse is that we didn't know how fast we were going.....thats beside the point though. So, when you see a line of 10 cars behind you and you are next to a 3-trailer semi, go ahead and move over. Thanks.

Dear Alaska - Oh I miss you so much! As I shivered all day I thought of how Utah has turned me into a wuss. I miss your majestic beauty, relaxed atmosphere, and fresh air. I will be back one day, even if it is just to visit. Also read my blog from May 17th, I dedicated that whole one just to you.

Dear Nathan Copier - If you are thinking that I stole this idea from you, then you are correct. :) Thank you.

Dear Debt - I hate you. Yes, you may consider this an official threat against your life.

Dear Grass on the Other Side of the Fence - You really are not that much greener so quit with the false advertising!

Most Sincerely,