Saturday, September 18, 2010

Rummaging through memories.....literally

I just recently got my book shelf back in my room and wanted to fill it with some of my favorite books from the past years that have inevitably made their way to the depths of storage. While rummaging for books, I came across MANY parts of my past. Old letters from friends, teachers, and family, old report cards and school projects, random flash cards from college, pictures (which I refrained from looking at because I would have been there even longer), and an array of nicknacks and other things, such as a birthday card from my first "boyfriend" in kindergarten - Tyler Cornia. (He drew us holding hands and it said "I luv you - luv Tyler" How cute were we? Pretty sure he is married now.)
One school project in particular was a book of poems, cleverly named, "Hannah's Book of Poems". (What can I say, I have quite the imagination) 8 poems to be exact - 3 about softball, 2 about my dog Jessie(May she rest in peace), and 1 about colors and 1 about flowers. The last one was one all about me and who I was and what I liked - 6th grade me, just to clarify. It is funny to see how much I am still the same..... Here it goes.....


Nice, Brown hair, Brown eyes, Beautiful
Lover of .... Dogs, Blue, Sports, All animals (Sports? Really? And Blue? Who says that? haha)
Who feels..... Happy when playing softball
Sad when animals are hurt
Bored when I babysit (Yep, all still spot on! Except other things now occupy the "Happy" slot, I ditched softball in 12th grade)
Who needs..... Dogs, Family, Sports (Again with the sports - I am chubby now, no need for sports! :) )
Who fears.... Spiders, Clowns, Bees (Yep, but lets add Samara from The Ring, and never falling in love - What? I have matured somewhat....well sort of.)
Who would like to see... Hawaii, Italy
and Florida (Florida? What was going through my little 11 year old mind!)
Who will some day be.... A Vet or a German
Shepherd Dog Breeder (They told me to reach for the stars, but my arm got tired at mediocrity, apparently.)

Its funny how much I have grown up and changed, yet there is still the little 11 year old inside of me who is saying, "Uh ya, you are still the same and you hate babysitting." Either way, it was an enjoyable trip down memory lane! Needless to say, but the "Hannah's Book of Poems" will most definitely be featured on my bookshelf of favorite books.