Monday, October 25, 2010

Writers Conference!! URWA

Alright, I am a little behind, but I couldn't not write about this. Two weekends ago, I attended a writers conference put on by the Utah Romance Writers Association in Park City with some wonderful ladies! Jamie Bowden, she is a long time friend from grade school and it wasn't until recently that we discovered our shared love for writing. Now, we meet a couple times a month to critique and share with each other. Lisa Henderson Bell, I met her through Jamie, and she is hilarious! She is also a very talented writer and writes more in the fantasy genre. Kristie Conrad Smith, I met her through Jamie as well, and she was the only one of the four of us who had actually finished anything! We were all rooting for her when she went to pitch her book to the agent, and so far it went well! Good Luck Kristie!

The weekend was incredible and extremely informative. We learned about finding agents/editors, querying, promoting ourselves as writers, discipline, and what is currently selling. My skin was literally tingling with anticipation while we waited for the first panel, I was so excited! We stayed at the Canyons Resort and it was so amazing and surreal. My favorite part was probably all of it. Since it was a romance conference, they had a prolific writer as our special guest, her name was Christine Feehan. I have never read any of her books, but she has like 40 of them!! Her personal story was really interesting, she has 11 kids and wasn't even published until they were all grown. I always had this idea that famous authors are recluses hidden away in the mountains, heaven forbid they be real people! :) I sat next to her daughter during one of the events, we chatted about dogs. She loves them just about as much as I do!

Now, for those of you who are like, "WHAT?!? Hannah writing? Where did this come from?" Don't worry, let me give you a quick history. Ever since I was young, I would write crazy stories, multiple notebooks worth, but I RARELY shared them because it was just this deep little dark secret of mine. Even though Jar Jar (Jaron, my little brother) would sneak in and read them when I wasn't home. Brothers. Of course, my stories always involved dogs in some way, would you expect anything different? :) As I grew older I kinda phased it out, even though every now and then I would find myself writing some random scene that was running through my head when I should have been trying to write a term paper. Anyway, LONG story short.....the passion has been re-ignited and I started writing again and I am currently working on a novel. The reason I haven't and don't really tell people is because who knows if anything will ever become of it! But, I am trying really hard to make something of it because I believe in the story and would really like to share it.

As for what it is about, I want to tell you all, but the more I tell about it the more bored I get with it, I KNOW WEIRD, but its just this weird quirk of mine! In short, it is about a girl named Jade who is a serial dater, she is a little fed up with men, so to find some fun and variety in dating she compares men to different breeds of dogs, Labs, St. Bernards, Chihuahuas, and all other sorts! The story is about her life and explores the parameters of how quick judgements can lead to wrong conclusions, the ability for people to change, and finding strength through our friends and family when faced with hard times.
I told you, dogs run a heavy theme in my writing. :) And for those of you who are thinking, "Hannah, is this just an autobiography? Do you compare men to dogs?" Answer is: First, you have to actually date, to compare them. :) Second, face it, sometimes men are dogs! I am just over 80,000 words, but that number increases every day almost.

Anyway, so there it is, I have announced my status as being a writer. Lets just hope this doesn't take me as long to finish as everything else in my life, (college, mission, etc.) :) I have a good support system in place and through them, and hopefully you all, I will be able to get it finished, if only just to share it with you all!!

Here are some photos from the event:

Jamie, Me (not my best photo), Lisa, Kristie (notice, we were the youngest attendees) I don't think they knew what to do with us!

Cheesy head shot! Ha ha, it was part of the 200 bucks I paid for the conference, so why not!